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mission drive within everything
Figure out what that damn ringing is!
Renaming eggplant
Audicipation - The art and science of audience participation.
I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and incur my own abhorrence
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Shine your shoes with your microphone blues


Smoke, then sweat-stung tears,
stomach knots
Oh - only steam from the subway

That's the relation
omelet omelet omelet

The desire to elect Martin Sheen to office based on his portrayal of President Bartlet on The West Wing.
Groundless yet dignified

Can Cannes Can can? Cannes Can can can.

having trouble passing the chutzpah stone

bury magnets
swallow the rapture
what noisy cats we are

Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

Your approach to the high-mountain monastery is cautious - with a sense of awe at your surroundings and of the steps you are about to take. A robed figure emerges to greet you as you draw closer to the door. You place your hands together and offer “Namaste” and he returns, his breath drifting high into the crisp air. The monk’s ease relayed a softness and a sense that he contained phrases you can not imagine.

It wasn't the darkness that bothered me,
or the imagined rumbling I kept feeling-hearing on the track,
or the unseasonably cold breeze that poured from the damp tunnel, biting at my face.

It was his insistence on wearing that Mickey Mouse headlamp.

It is strange being in DC, living near the flight path for National Airport and not hearing any planes. Last night, whenever a plane flew over the house we all ran outside to see what it was.
Part of me felt we should turn out the lights and hide under the stairs - like there was a siren blaring through the streets.
That feeling is what eats me the most now.
Not anger, not fear, not grief, just an odd palate of hesitance, urgency and uncertainty.

"If I do not speak with you again or if not for some time, this is amongst my wishes for you: That you use everything2 to discover and express your own creativity. That you enjoy words and the writing and reading and speaking and listening of them. That you carry this out into enjoyment of all of the other areas of your lives."

-A Message From sensei

There should be a detective show called
"Johnny Monkey,"
because every week you could have a guy say
"I ain't gonna get caught by no MONKEY,"
but then he would,
and I don't think I'd ever get tired of that.

-Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

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Introspection comes quite naturally for me. Drawing conclusions from that looking never has.

Burnt, charred and toasted
Exposed to an open flame
Somewhat scarred but never roasted
Always playing, still learning the game.

"What's in a name?," you ask.

"All labels have meaning. Some conjure memories of loved one's past, some represent the thing themselves, some are utter nonsense."

"But with nothing to sift the wheat from the chaff how does one proceed?"

"By consuming it all."

Hey, Kid!
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