Brooklyn College was founded in 1930 and was originally located in downtown Brooklyn before breaking ground on the current campus in the Midwood section of Brooklyn in 1935. As the first public co-ed liberal arts college in New York City, it merged the Brooklyn men's section of City College and the women's section Hunter College. Brooklyn College began offering graduate classes in 1935.

Brooklyn College prides itself on being one of the best learning institutions in its class. More than 90 perfect of the college's faculty hold the highest degree thaty their field offers. Among the distinguished faculty are:

Composer Tania Leon
Pulitzer prize winner and historian Edwin Burrows
Novelist Michael Cunningham
Actor F. Murray Abraham
Playwright Mac Wellman
and Psychologist Anthony Sclafani
among others.

Last year, Brooklyn College was voted by the Princeton Review as the most beautiful college in the country. I must agree, the Neo-Georgian architecture of the campus is breathtaking in any season.

Brooklyn College is located on a twenty-six acre, beautiful tree lined campus. There are thirteen buildings:

Boylan Hall
Ingersoll Hall
Ingersoll Hall Extension
James Hall
Plaza Building
Roosevelt Hall
Roosevelt Hall Extension
LaGuardia Hall
Brooklyn College Library Addition
Whitehead Hall
Whitman Hall
Gershwin Hall
SUBO (The Student Union Building)

Brooklyn College also houses

The Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College (BCBC) - A facility that hosts a concert series and many regional theater productions

The Brooklyn College Television Center, with two TV studios and post production equipment

The Brooklyn College Preparatory Center for the Performing Arts - A separate community school for younger than college age performing arts students.

Brooklyn College has had many famous alumni, including

Seymour Benzer '42 - discoverer of the Methuselah Gene
Alan Dershowitz '59 - Harvard Professor of Law
Frank McCourt '67 - Author of Angela's Ashes and 'Tis
Paul Mazursky '51 - Film Director
Jimmy Smits '80 - Actor
And many others.

The Motto of Brooklyn College is Nil sine magno labore: "Nothing without great effort"

Source: Brooklyn College Website:

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