Update 2007-02-13

Finally I have a working DVD of the Brooklyn performance. I'm emotionally exhausted about the delay and haven't the energy to rant about it. So, moving on: copies of the DVD are available free on request to anyone who submitted a play (regardless of whether it was performed), and to anyone else who is prepared to pay the (small) postage. Let me know.

I've watched it, it's really good. Also I can't help noticing that we wrote 18 out of the 50 plays Brooklyn performed, it's practically the "E2 Theatre Show", we rule.

Update 2007-02-09

A DVD of the Brooklyn performance arrived in my mail but the disc is knackered and doesn't work, obviously. Fate is against me here I think.

Update 2007-01-09

Videos of the performances have started to appear online at http://www.screamingmediaproductions.com! I only found out about this by accident (I'm well out of the loop these days) and I think some of them aren't working yet but lots appear to be visible.

Meanwhile, two different people have promised to send me DVDs of the US show, and I still haven't got one. Supposedly one copy was lost in the post and another will be despatched.

As ever, I can only apologise for the geological pace of proceedings. I think theatre people can't actually get anything done without a performance deadline to spur them on.

Great to be able to see the US plays at last though!

Update 2006-09-21

The Harrogate DVD has arrived! I am working at the moment so can't watch it through but I have tested it and it seems to work.

Update 2006-09-19

The Harrogate DVD, I am told, has been posted to me. It should arrive by the end of the week, so, all being well, I'll make copies at the weekend and distribute to those who want them next week.

Update 2006-09-15

Both Harrogate and Brooklyn tell me they've had technical problems mastering their respective DVDs, but they both claim that things are under control and progressing.

Update 2006-09-14

I'm starting to lose my zen calm about this. I still don't have either DVD. I'm trying to get hold of them but I just don't know what to do to bring this about, beyond sending plaintive e-mails. Obviously, there will be no E2 participation in the 2007 show if I never get the 2006 DVDs, but I don't think that "my friends won't write any plays for you next year" is a sufficiently dire threat to make anything happen. I am doing my best but I'm severely limited by the fact that nobody involved is close enough for me to shake them by their lapels screaming "GIVE ME THE DVD!" I'm really sorry that you've all had to wait so long.

Update 2006-08-21

Word from both Harrogate and Brooklyn is that the DVDs are ready, so now I'm just waiting for them to send my copies out. There's light at the end of the tunnel!

Update 2006-08-19

I am still working on getting the damned videos. I haven't forgetten about them. I know it's been an absurdly long time, and I'm sorry. I wish I could do more.

Update 2006-06-27

Various people have, not unreasonably, asked if they are ever likely to see the promised video footage of their plays. I'm doing what I can to get hold of it but what I can do consists mostly of sending pleading e-mails. Be assured I want to see it as much as you do and that when I do finally get my hands on a shiny disc I will make all haste with the distribution of it. You can expeditite the processs very slightly: if your play was performed and you'd like a copy, drop me a msg with the address I should send it to. I stress though that I don't actually have anything to send you just yet.

Update 2006-06-13

I have the address of a website for the Brooklyn show - http://www.brooklyn.cuny.edu/bc/spotlite/news/index.php?link=060606

Update 2006-06-08

Brooklyn's choices are in, including another batch of our stuff!

Brooklyn's E2 choices:

Hearty congrats to those who got chosen (and it was quite a few in the end!). The plays will be performed on June 16th, 17th and 18th at Brooklyn College, New York. Commiserations to those who missed out; I hope everyone will enter again next year either way.

It was a strong showing this time around! I'm really very proud of us all. We rule.

Update 2006-04-21

Harrogate Theatre have chosen which plays they want. Brooklyn haven't chosen yet, though, so some more of E2's work may yet be chosen.

Harrogate's E2 choices:

A strong showing this year! Congrats to all the above and good luck to the remaining authors with being chosen by Brooklyn.

(original writeup)

We're off again, folks. Here's the press release from the theatre, and I'll put my 2 cents and the E2-specific stuff at the bottom. If you are impatient, the short version is "Write a 60-second play by April the 8th, and if you are lucky it will be performed on stage".

The World's first Interactive, International Theatre Festival

Got a minute? Then write a play!

  • A unique theatrical event
  • 100 plays in 100 minutes
  • Two shows on two continents
  • Performed in Brooklyn, New York and Harrogate, England
  • Open to writers and would-be writers of any age, anywhere in the world
  • Join in the festival no matter where you are by watching all 100 plays online
  • All profits & proceeds support young peoples theatre in the UK & USA

Following the huge success of the one minute play festival 'Gone in 60 Secs' in 2005, Screaming Media are once again teaming up with Harrogate Theatre, UK, and Brooklyn College, New York USA to present 'Gone in 60 Secs 06', the world's only 'International Interactive Theatre Festival'.

'Gone In 60 Secs 06' is a unique play writing festival which invites applicants to write a 60 second play about any subject. The 100 plays that are chosen will be performed by theatre students either at Harrogate Theatre in May 06 or at Brooklyn College New York in June 06. The truly unique aspect of this groundbreaking festival is that all 100 performances will be filmed and made available for viewing over the web at screamingmediaproductions.com.

Screaming Media are currently seeking submissions from writers and would be-writers of any age and from anywhere in the world.

Entry to the festival is free and all proceeds from the performances will go to benefit young people in theatre on both sides of the Atlantic through the Brooklyn College Theater Department and Harrogate Theatre Collaboration Award and the Harrogate Theatre HYT programme.


Saturday 6th May Harrogate Theatre. Box Office: 01423 502116
June 16th, 17th and 18th Brooklyn College New York

The Rules

  1. All submissions must be original.
  2. Plays must last no longer than 60 seconds
  3. Your play(s) may be about whatever you wish but their cast size may not exceed 10 actors
  4. All submissions must be received by Saturday 8th April.
  5. Individuals may submit a maximum of 5 one minute plays for consideration

Terms and conditions

Copyright remains with the author
We regret that royalties cannot be paid to the playwrights whose work is performed
Plays will be made available for download for a maximum period of one year (June 06 - June 07)
Individual plays will only be performed as part of 'Gone in 60secs'
Plays lasting longer than 60 seconds will not be considered
The organizers reserve the right to choose the venue for performance
All successful authors will be contacted prior to the event to confirm their acceptance as participants.

We look forward to reading your submission(s)!

And this is me.

Please submit your entries to Gone in Sixty Seconds 2006 - Theatre Quest Entries. Also please title it and put your name on it. That is, the name you'd like the theatre to credit if your work is used. If you put it on the writeup itself that's easiest for me but if you don't want to, that's fine, just send me a msg with it.

The quest is sponsored by kthejoker who will no doubt dispense baubles as he sees fit.

If I may be so bold, I have some tips for potential playwrights:

  • Most obviously - check out the previous two quests and look at the ones that got chosen to be performed.
  • Don't write anything that depends on elaborate costumes, sets, or props - there's little for these things when you are performing 50 sketches in succession. A fireman's hat is alright; a pantomime horse is not. Think practicality.
  • Recall that the audience haven't read the script and so don't know that the guy up there is supposed to be e.g. Jehovah unless it's apparent from the dialogue. (Sounds obvious, but it escapes people surprisingly often.)
  • Read the thing aloud with a stopwatch to make sure it really fits into sixty seconds. They aren't kidding about the time limit.
  • If you have doubts - ask me! I used to perform these things, I like to think I've got a good idea of what will fly and what won't.

I hope for another good batch of submissions this year! So far E2 has had a number of plays performed in each festival, including some of the strongest ones in the whole show. I hope everyone that's entered before will enter again, and I hope that new people will enter too. Seeing your words performed on stage and hearing the audience react to them is something quite different to getting textual appreciation from people who've enjoyed your words on a screen. Writing for theatre is a different kettle of fish to what we normally do here but it's still writing, which is what we as a community excel at. Take part! And do so by April 8th.

Judging on past experience, they will decide which plays to perform at the last possible minute, about a week before the show, so, end of April. Obviously I'll let you all know as soon as I get the information myself.

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