The Mini Cooper is a small, sporty car that is essentially a remake of the infamous Mini from the late 50's and early 60's. Although slightly larger than the original Mini, the Cooper is still quite small. At under 12 feet, it's one of the smallest cars on American roads.

There are two versions; the 'regular' Mini Cooper, and the Mini Cooper S, which features a supercharger, which has 163 hp versus 115 hp for the non-supercharged version.

The Mini Cooper is an attitude-driven car that's fun to drive. Since it's not the most practical car, most people have this car for its driving experience. Its quick and firm handling make it the ideal car for curvy roads (it's been described as a go-kart).

The base price is $16,000, and you can't get it much lower because of the great demand (many dealers are charging over MSRP). But throw in an extra $3,500 for the supercharger, and add options like a huge sunroof, an 8-speaker stereo, and a navigation system, and you could be spending close to $30,000.

Both Cooper and Cooper S come with 6 speed manual as standard and 6 speed auto(with shift paddles behind steering wheel) as option.

  • The difference between Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S for the current models (R56 since 2007)

  • -New turbocharged engine inside Cooper S -Sport setting such as stiffer suspension and bigger rims.

  • Twin scroll turbocharged 1.6L engine

  • -Developed by BMW and Peugeot.
    -Produces 128kW (175hp) of power and 260Nm of torque.
    -Replaces the supercharged engine(163hp) inside previous cooper s(R53).
    -Takes 7.1 seconds from 0-100km (manual transmission) : makes Cooper S into a sporty hatch.

  • Bigger than 16-inch rims with run-flat tyres

  • -Able to run up to 150 kilometers at speed of 80km/hr when the tyre is completely flat.
    -The spare tyre is no longer needed in the car thus reduce the car weight.
    -Noisier and rougher ride than regular tyres.

  • Size of Mini

  • -4 Seat hatchback but not practical for moving more than 2 people due to poor head and leg space at the back seat.

  • Speed and Control

  • -Low and fast
    -With the powerful engine producing maximum torque from 1600rp, overtaking and cornering are extremely fast and pleasant.
  • Steering

  • -Heavy
    -1.2 turns clockwise and anticlockwise

  • More models of Mini

  • 1.Mini Cooper S JCW (141kW or 192 hp)
    2.Mini Cooper S
    3.Mini Cooper S Cabrio
    4.Mini Cooper
    5.Mini Cooper Cabrio
    6.Mini D
    7.Mini Clubman S JCW
    8.Mini Clubman S
    9.Mini Clubman

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