avec ceci, je réponds.

If i can do it, (and i will try!) i am THERE. I'm a New Englander through and through, but for a good reason, i'll head for New York to see the sights and the rest of you all. Don't forget to wear the big red N on your chest, so we'll know who the noders are.

By the way, yossarian's shoes have telepathic powers. How do i know? They told me so. You should hear what they get up to all day. Also, by the way, my imaginary Volkswagon is galactic green, not lime-green. It couldn't have been me! honest!

If you can't make it, but still want to be there, follow mat catastrophe's lead and send a photo we can paste to the wall. We'll tell you later what we do with it after that. Both my address and yossarian's are in the registry.

suis végétarienne.

current buzz.. sensei is donating a menu for us to prepare. If that doesn't evoke a Yay! from you, i'm not sure what will. Twister? I'm bringing the Twister. seriously. aaand... here it is! A Menu For The Not-Really Semi-Annual New York Everything Gathering™

Oh, i'm leaving any minute now and i'm psyched.. ok, if you can't find the noders (and yoss says you won't be able to miss him) look at the hands. I'm gonna wear my galactic green, just for the spirit of the thing.

You'll Find Me

Meme Spread Vector: Beach Ball

What would you give your left arm for?

I cut off yossarian's finger!

Panna II

Fin Du Monde / Delirium Tremens

Ten stars or so

Twister: the rules

Noders are so sweet when they sleep

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