"Ookkonä Oulusta?" (Yet Another Less Strict Finnish Region)

Oulu is one of the "technological meccas" of Finland. In Oulu there are a very large number of information technology companies, including the area near the university called Teknologiakylä (Technopolis, that also has other sites in Oulu and elsewhere in the country). Also home or major site of the many major Finnish technology corporations.

For me, Oulu has everything: A very good university to study information technology topics in (folks here have contributed some interesting things to the 'net community, like IRC...), bookstores, computer stores, the science center Tietomaa... uh, sorry, I forgot that geek thing on. Never mind...

Other interesting stats (from the city's web page):

Area: 411.1 km²
Population: 120753 (in 2001)
Altitude from sea level: 0 meters, but ask again in couple of hundred years =)
Coordinates: 5.0170° N, 25.4670° E

Geographically, Oulu is nicely on the far end of Pohjanlahti. There's a large island just near Oulu, called Hailuoto.

It's easy to get to Oulu by train or bus. The nearest airport is in neighboring town Oulunsalo (one of the local buses go there too).

City of Oulu web page: http://www.ouka.fi/

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