For some reason, I'm trying to sneak into York Assembly Rooms. The entrance is guarded by a stocky man in a green uniform, like the ones that stand outside New York hotels in films.

When the man is distracted,I sneak in. Inside looks like an empty office complex - grey carpet tiles, and huge hessian-weave breakers blocking off the far end of the room. I wave at a few white-overalled technicians, which seems to satisfy them that I'm here with permission, then slip between two of the breakers.

Swimming pool changing rooms, sprawlingly vast and totally empty. I open a few lockers and find nothing. Someone has smashed a few of the wooden benches in here. I run to where the pool should be.

Row Z of York University Central Hall, the seats right at the centre back. The view forward is blocked off by more hessian-weave breakers, but here with me is a large group of people being taught The Pirates of Penzance acapello by a dignified woman in a white sweater. Being a Gilbert & Sullivan fan, I stay to watch, hoping no-one sees me. When the woman tries to teach one of the men one of Frederick's trickier lines, I start singing without realising it, and end up holding a very high note for ages, before realising everyone's staring at me and laughing. One of the altos is beautiful.

Cut to Swift's Hill in Slad, near Laurie Lee's house. I'm running down, laughing, with afforementioned alto and a schnauzer dog. I slip, tumble, then roll down the hill for what seems like minutes. I stand up at the bottom, seemingly unharmed, and open my backpack to find that all the lint I had in there has formed a fuzzy waistcoat, which I put on.

Then the alto runs up to me, and we hug.
I say: "What do you think, we give it a try?"
She says: "I don't know... I'm not sure if we're both freesome."
Somehow, I knew she said 'freesome' rather than 'threesome'. I felt confused, then woke up.

Far too vivid, with too many memories of York.

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I was playing Steel Panthers: World at War.

At one point, I proposed a change to the game, and I saw it in its full glory: The game was moved into a real forest, with the battles fought with very realistic, computer-controlled miniatures. All tanks and vehicles looked extremely real in the forest, just that they were really small. The battle really looked very realistic with all correct sounds and such.

The battle was set in Kuhmo. It was like a summer version of the "Frozen Hell -39" scenario from the Winter War - Finns ambushed a bunch of Russians on a road.

The scenario also had a harbor in which a bunch of Russian ships were in a queue of some sort. One of my ships turned toward a Russian ship and fired a torpedo - it missed. Someone commented that in the real battle, the torpedo had hit the ship in front of the ship I was aiming at (they even told the name) and the ship had sunk very quickly.

I unloaded a freight train car from one of my ships to the beach - it was made of plastic, so I pushed the car deeper to the sand so it looked as if a heavy train car had been hastily unloaded on wet sand - and loaded something in it. I moved the train car a bit, and unloaded the thing from it. I considered that operation fairly successful.

However, the freight car fell over, and some of the wet sand went into it. I thought it would be tricky to wash that wet sand from it, but then I thought it was only realistic.

The rest of the dream also had other parts of the war, but this time it involved a time gate of some sort through which some things were moved - it was part of every scenario... I can't remember the rest.

I had a dream last night that I could perform magic. I’m not talking that stuff you see on TV but real magic. I was sitting on my bed studying for one of my finals and I needed my Artificial Intelligences textbook. I just used magic and brought it too me. It didn’t take any wand, or magic words I just did it. It was very much like using the force. I think I’ve been reading too much Harry Potter as of late. It has been effecting my dreams. Anyway I guess I also play to my RPG’s and do too much gaming. This is because in my dream I had a limited number of MP. This really bugged me at first. I was upset that I would run out of this. Then I learned I could you magic to restore my MP. I thought I’ve come up with the greatest cheat to the system of all times. I woke up shortly after that.

I hadn't lived in decades. Obituaries typed up at the computer by dictation I could keep up, but further proof reading showed tons of typographies that hurt me. A hundred thousand keys in the key of C, of G and D cascading riddle ridden words, a multitude of a ring of keys. Silver bike keys, forgotten doors, keys to places in cheap plastic dairies, sanguine and smelling strongly of steel...... washed in my pores deep between the molecules of my body they pulled me apart as I walked through the metal fog-- random ragged and nosensical my master key was gone

Who had found my key?

I felt spooked someone was standing in the back of the room with me, my neck and back prickled. I was training to drive the trollied hearse, worried about getting lost and the bodies turning into great scoops of wax. My ideas had vanished. I watched from across the street and knew then, it had been steered by a jagged finger worn handle from the back. They all laughed because they'd known all along. Inside I was full of emptiness frozen so rigidly with the inablity to move, silent, unable to prove my day by day worth. Muted keys lined the windowsill, I spun my head and started at the empty gray space behind me, had the urge like a child to glance into the dark spaces under the floorboards. Someone was stealing from me, someone was watching me, someone was doing a terrible thing to me and I had no defense against it. I was looking for tyrants and finding them everywhere.

Last dream was based REALLY lightly on winter war of Finland.. In the beginning I had to destroy enemy trucks parked in a valley, so I had to drop down to them and steal some explosives first. During the MGS-like scene, I sneaked withing the trucks while avoiding guards, and got myself a laser-seeking missile launcher and 8 missiles, which would be enough to blow up the 6 trucks. I climbed a pile of boxes in the corner of the valley to get on a cliff where someone from my side was waiting, and readied the missile launcher. It was like the one in Half-Life, so aiming was extremely easy with the red dot, and after blowing up four trucks with direct hits, I played a little and blew up the remaining two by firing the missiles next to the trucks and moving the aim to make them curve on their targets. The man who was fighting on my side noticed that the enemy leaders were heading past us with a jeep, but fortunately they had a horse pulling empty wagons tied on the jeep, so I knew I'd need to jump on the wagons platform. I had most of my ammo on my horses saddlebags, so I had no choise but take the horse with me as I started running to the wagons while it was passing me, and manged to get the horse up with me. Enemies driving the jeep were both dressed like renaissance aristocrats, but though they noticed me and my horse get in, their attempt to get away was useless since I was already in the wagons. I loaded my flintlock pistol (in fact, a pellet gun) with round lead bullet and shot Napoleon in the neck, but I only managed to cause a flesh wound. I reloaded and shot again, but though I missed, I heard Napoleon tell the taller one "You're supposed to protect me, but only he can harm us if you keep that up! Stop the car!". The car stopped on a fine gravel field, and the enemies got off the car. Loading the pistol would have been too slow, so I grabbed a swords handle from the saddleback and swung it at Napoleon, but I had only wielded a belt from its buckle, so he had time to wield a sword and a sabre before I got the right sword from my horse. Fortunately, my sword was longer than his, so I poked it at his chest while he tried to swing his at me, but the blade was too short to hit me. He swung his sabre on his left hand, and it would have reached my wrist unless I'd have pulled my sword out from his chest in time and jumped back. The lenght of my sword was a great advantage, so I managed to hit two long cuts across his chest, which slowed him down. I knew I'd have to cut deeper to kill him, so I stepped at him and swung the sword straight down at his left shoulder, making him scream in pain as his hand dropped loose. I swung the bloody sword upwards and made a loop in the air, sending the blade against his unprotected side and sinking it almost halfway into his body. He dropped to his knees, so I pulled the sword out and let his corpse fall on its face while I turned against the taller aristocrat. He appeared to be swedish, and wielded a dagger, which I feared he might throw at me, but aware of his defeat, he thrusted it into his chest to avoid being captured alive. I thought it might be a trick, so I wielded the sword with both hands, and as I got to his corpse, I hit him twice in the neck to cut his head off. The man who had been fighting with me came into the gravel field with George Washington, who congratulated me for saving the free capitalistic world. I also heard that Napoleon was a traitor from Savo, and some other historical information before George Washington left us. I noticed that I had a paperpunch struck on my leg, and though the damage was so slight I had hardly noticed it, I was angry and didnt know who had hit me with it. George Washington was the only person alive besides the other man, so I thought if I should have revenged him, but because I couldnt be sure I only cursed and let him go. I talked with the man who was still with me, and woke up.

Digital Domain

  • In the near future, humanity has discarded the slow, data-blind biological body for the immortal photon-bodies of digitally conscious human being emulators.

    After the practice of connecting every newly manufactured object to world-spanning information network became standard and after digital connections were at last made with the remaining "legacy matter" (including the human brain), cyberspace inevitably surpassed phyical reality in information density. In what was later called "The Six Minute Revolution", every paradigm in the human system suddenly shifted drastically to the left.

    I and my associates live on a virtual island in a virtual sea. We travel around a room by pointing in that direction. We travel around the planet by pointing in that direction. I remember a few melodramatic scenes: being trapped underground in the island with my friend and waiting for someone to free us. A man's son returns home after a long falling out in the family. When he suddenly appears from the sky, he and his brother get in a fistfight having not recognized each other. After some tense words with the father, the son introduces his wife and children. I beam myself elsewhere and find myself in front of a large museum-like building. I enter the dark interior.

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