Alan and I were homeless and on the run with two other girls. One of them was Alan's ex girlfriend, and the other we'll just call Laura because I have no clue who she was. The two girls were lovers, and we were running through Irish countryside. We came upon a little house with an abandoned laundry room/shed. So we stayed there for awhile, until Laura and I found Alan and his ex in bed together. Laura ran outside, doing backflips down the hills. This was chilling, because she was screaming out "AAGGHHH!! YA! YA! AAGGHHH!" as if she were suffering slow torture. I finally got her to stop, and she pointed at the sky and said:

"Do you know what that is?"

There were what seemed like bombs flying across the sky. They exploded into clouds of red light, and I told her they must be flares. She agreed and we started walking back towards the house. All of a sudden the flares started turning into huge displays of fireworks, and when we got back to the house everyone was standing outside and staring at the sky.

I stood next to Alan, and said:

"Why did you do that to me?"

"I'm sorry. I love you."

"Can you stop.?"

"I don't know if I can stop.. she has a sort of power over me."

Heart's Golden Light

  • At the top of a wide outdoor stairway, I silently become enlightened. Friends and strangers walk around me going about their business, engrossed in the mundane routine. To each of them I send my heart's golden light. To every insect and leaf I send my unconditional love. To all beings I acknowledge my kinship. Gently at first, I float above the crowd. Everyone stops and stares with wide eyes. I sweep down through them very slowly, touching each person as I pass them, healing them of all ills and fears.

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