Sorry if this is a partial dream again, I set "sleep" with a priority in my action plan. I promise it won't happen again....

Me and Superman (who was a 12" high plastic toy much like the old action men, okay so it's was a doll for boys!) had been chasing Spiderman and the Hitman (who was really the Hulk). As they made their way into a deeper into the canyon I grew to giantic proportions. I scaled a mountain that was made out of clay and grabbed a white porclean plate. I pinned Superman who was bare chested and I tried to sever his left forearm. I then grabbed Spiderman and shrank down to regular toy size and sat on him until Superman recovered.

I explained to Superman that I would have to hunt down the hitman myself. I knew what I had done was bad, but for some reason Superman understood. As I went to follow the Hitman I looked back to see an exhausted Superman sitting on Spiderman. Two things came to my head; I wondered if I had dressed Superman's arm (since it was wrapped in gauze) and why had Spiderman became a baddie. I knew I was becoming distracted so I tried to locate the Hitman who had run into a doorway.

When I came through the door way I found myself at the mexican gulf coast. I was standing on the tip of a mountain that had become submerged in the ocean. I couldn't find the Hitman. So I stuck my head inside the water and then I spotted him hiding. I jumped into the water and started to swim after him. Then the Hitman did a surprise move he started to swim backwards heading directly for me. I became unconcious.

I woke up in the lobby area of a hotel. The doctors had arrived with suitcase that were opened. I walked over to the female doctor who was of Indian descent, I assumed she was the head doctor. I explained that the reason I had collapsed that I had been taking stimultants for the whole week whilst tracking the villians.

I saw myself sitting in one of those old-school red subway cars, filled with little kids sitting on every seat around me... They were all a blur as they talked, played with each other, goofing on each other. I think I should get out. The subway car's doors opened, and I went out to see a pier with a large ship. Wait a minute... This doesn't look right... the water looks shallow. I climbed down from the pier and walked closer to this ship, and I didn't notice the water being as shallow as a quarter of an inch. It looks like I'm walking on water to see this non-floating ship! I don't think it's even a real ship!

I went back, and climbed back to the pier and walked out to a lot with a gigantic old building. In front of the building people were having a flea market of sorts selling fluorescent cheaply-made crap that might've had the words "made in hong kong" microscopically printed on them. Balls, balloons, books, whatever knickknacks that exist, the flea market will sell. Then I saw an old car parked in front of a doorway with the sign "The Sound of Music" next to the door. It must be an old theatre! I would go and see the movie, but I didn't. The people who went in are as multi-colored as the crap their friends were selling.

Instead of joining in on the fun, I went through the old building. The building had nothing but darkness, and I'm back to reality.

I was in a classroom where my English teacher was giving a lesson on something I wasn't paying attention to and don't remember. I notice that the girl next to me, someone I know, has her hand in another girl's underwear (another person I know). They begin to masturbate in front of me. (I am not attracted to either one of these girls. One has serious issues about accecptance, and the other is just annoying. Actually, they are both rather annoying.) After many jolting movements, my English teacher noticed the fiasco and chastised them.

Brief Intermission

In another dream, I had gotten out of bed, dressed myself, and walked to Emerald's house. It was dark outside. When I arrived, I stepped inside the door and stood there. I noticed a figure, but my eyes weren't working. It was Allegra, Emerald's sister. She asked why I was up, and I said I was going to school. She informed me that we didn't have school today. I realized that I already knew that. I left, came back and talked to Tracy, Emerald's mom. She was trying to remove the ice from the top step to the porch. I went back inside and saw Emerald, browsing the refrigerator. She grabbed an apple and said 'hi'.

Heroic Toke

  • I run into a friend, Jay, in the mall where he works. He suggests we go smoke some pot and invites me back into the employee area. We come out on a balcony overlooking a parking lot with a stairway running down to ground level. There are quite a few people around and we're very visible so our paranoid smoking instincts tell us to chill a bit. Shortly thereafter, seven sixth graders appear at the top of the stairs and proceed to seat themselves around the balcony. Soon enough one of them rolls a huge bomber and passes it around. After taking a couple of tokes and talking to the kids, one of them hands me an opaque plastic bag and says, "take a look". Just then we hear the distinct radio crackle of cop talk. Everyone dashes for the stairs. As I round a corner I toss the bag against a wall (sure that it contains weed). A few minutes later, the cop steps out right in front of me. I'm high and scared (not a good combination). He approaches me and explains that a gang of young kids stole a shopping bag from another kid and his mom. Have I seen anything? I avoid breathing on him and put on an air of respectability. Hoping that he doesn't notice my red eyes, I explain that I am a "student of the university" and that I did notice a little bag back there a bit. I lead the officer to where I dumped the hot item and it turns out to contain parts to a model rocket. Whew...I guess stoners can be heros too!

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