EAP is an acronym for Employee Assistance Program. The EAP is a free resource in most companies. They offer counselors that can help you through a lot of different problems, like stress, depression, grief, and addiction issues. You are usually limited to a certain amount of sessions before they will refer you to someone else for a medical evaluation or more intensive therapy.

Sometimes, people are referred to the EAP if they appear to have a drug problem at work, or other problems that are affecting their job performance. I have used the EAP with two different companies, and I've found it to be a very valuable resource. Take advantage of it if you have it and need someone to talk to. It can make a world of difference.

An authentication method employed by various operating systems, short for Extensible Authentication Protocol. The authentication process takes form of a digital card which can either magnatic or chip based.

The technology never flew on personal computers but it did fly on ATM machienes.

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