Heroic Toke

  • I run into a friend, Jay, in the mall where he works. He suggests we go smoke some pot and invites me back into the employee area. We come out on a balcony overlooking a parking lot with a stairway running down to ground level. There are quite a few people around and we're very visible so our paranoid smoking instincts tell us to chill a bit. Shortly thereafter, seven sixth graders appear at the top of the stairs and proceed to seat themselves around the balcony. Soon enough one of them rolls a huge bomber and passes it around. After taking a couple of tokes and talking to the kids, one of them hands me an opaque plastic bag and says, "take a look". Just then we hear the distinct radio crackle of cop talk. Everyone dashes for the stairs. As I round a corner I toss the bag against a wall (sure that it contains weed). A few minutes later, the cop steps out right in front of me. I'm high and scared (not a good combination). He approaches me and explains that a gang of young kids stole a shopping bag from another kid and his mom. Have I seen anything? I avoid breathing on him and put on an air of respectability. Hoping that he doesn't notice my red eyes, I explain that I am a "student of the university" and that I did notice a little bag back there a bit. I lead the officer to where I dumped the hot item and it turns out to contain parts to a model rocket. Whew...I guess stoners can be heros too!