70's UK toy similar to the American GI Joe. The idea of dolls for boys was a bit revolutionary at the time although this was disguised by the very macho guns, tanks and other weapons of war.

The doll evolved over time gaining a hand grip and eagle eyes (The eyes could move).

Over the decades and in light of the peace dividend, the doll has become more tame. He spends his time hang gliding, skiing and diving now. He has also taken steroids having gained considerable more muscle. This later evolution has worried psyhcologists as it encourages young boys to do so as it gives them an unrealistic impression of what 'being a guy' is. Us women have had to put up with such unrealism from Barbie for years now and we can witness more and more eating disorders by girls trying to match her appearance. A similar injection of steroids has been given to the New Star Wars Figures.

In our age, the road to holiness necessarily passes through the world of action.
-Dag Hammarskjold

Mister Chu, flying through Atlanta
remembers the last time he was there.

It was many years ago, but even then a complex airport
filled that evening with thousands of people.

Ants without a common purpose
beyond the transportation of themselves by others.

In a bathroom designated for the use of men only
Mister Chu had splashed water onto his tired face

washed his hands as one is supposed to.
Behind him was a corner stall

an enclosure of grey chipboard partitions
poorly designed (as to privacy)

and constructed (as to construction).
A soldier (or a man dressed very accurately

in the style of a soldier)
was obviously inside, not alone

but perhaps about to be lonely
and thus his companion,

a woman.


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