Yesterday I accepted an offer of representation from a literary agent for my nonfiction book.

This is pretty sweet for me, because it's a bit of a niche title on asexuality and I wasn't sure I'd be able to find representation. But I'm qualified as a spokesperson if anyone is; I've done all kinds of media, public speaking, been in a damn movie even, and I've been interviewed in magazines and podcasts, and have been fielding questions and comments and regular abuse by trolls for something like a dozen years. The author's credentials matter for nonfiction a lot more than they do for fiction. (The literary agent who represents my fiction did not care that I had not published any fiction. My fantasy trilogy is on submission as we speak.)

I'm tickled that this agent thought my book proposal was good as is and only needs minor changes, because she actually teaches a workshop on nonfiction proposals and claims to take very few clients. During our phone call she praised my writing (even though what matters for nonfiction is mostly the marketability), and really just hit all the bull's-eyes telling me about where she wanted to submit my book.

It feels weird to have TWO publishing industry professionals invested in trying to get my work published. We'll go on submission when the proposal's ready. I just have to collect some extra data first and then she'll do her edits and we'll go.

I can't wait until there's an actual traditionally published asexuality-related book for people to be able to pick up at the bookstore. It's about time.

Considering how exhausted I was when I fell into bed last night, I'm surprised that I was able to get out of bed so early this morning. I really like getting up early, although I did lay in bed for a few minutes after my eyes first opened, I found that once I was up, I was able to get a lot done. I'm not sure why this is, but I have trouble making meals at night. I'm much better off doing what I did this morning, and on Monday, and preparing things first thing in the morning. My kids love pasta with veggies. I made a batch of broccoli and pasta, and one of green beans and pasta. I packed that for lunch along with some fruits and veggies, my plan is to have tacos for supper as my youngest has a soccer game and I need something that's quick and easy.

Tomorrow I'm not going to eat breakfast when I first wake up like I did this morning. Instead of exercising and listening to a podcast, I'm doing my writing because I don't feel like moving much. Normally I exercise first, and that seems to work better for me. I haven't written my hundred words either. It feels like a chore today, and I know that once I start writing it will be fine, but there's a block that's preventing me from starting with that project, and I'm not sure what it is since I had no problems the past few days.

Last night my friends and I had fun discussing different meats, German restaurants, baseball, and how good conversations come full circle. My friends are funny, I love witty people who make me laugh. I love introducing people to new acquaintances they haven't met before, and I sent a tweet out about having my own personal Hall of Fame which led me to thinking about those who I admire, and trying to figure out what it is about them that I find admirable. My oldest daughter is coughing this morning. Yesterday she ate quite a bit of garbage at the Brewers game. Another friend and I were discussing the gluten free lifestyle, food allergies, and why people think that rewarding kids with candy is acceptable when there are other non-food alternatives that we think would be better.

Her daughter was awarded a hustle award for soccer. She's very quick, and her gift was a movie sized candy bar which seems out of sync with the award. As my friend was saying, her daughter naturally hustles, she didn't really need anything other than the recognition, and it's too bad that time and money was spent to purchase a gigantic candy bar for a ten year old athlete. Today my aunt and I are going to visit my sister. My sister and I frequently do not get along. I can't say that I'm really looking forward to the trip although it will be good for me to get out of the house today, otherwise I'd be tempted to crawl back into bed, and just sleep.

We were supposed to have a chat with my daughter's teacher yesterday. Since the game went so late we didn't get back in time. I'm hoping I have enough time to attend the meeting so my youngest isn't late for soccer tonight although if the weather doesn't hold, today's game may be another rain out. I feel good about the new habits I've picked up this week. I found a box of dryer sheets in my step-daughter's room. My dryer and everything that goes into it gets coated with the sticky residue the sheets leave, I picked another one up off the floor last night, and it must have affected me more than I realized because I had a dream of a large mountain of dryer sheets piled onto a floor that I didn't recognize as belonging to my laundry room.

Goals for today: have a good attitude when I'm at my sister's. She likes things done a certain way. She's bossy, demanding, tends to not recognize my efforts, but she's also stressed about her upcoming move, and my other sister says that she frequently defends me when other people are discussing things that I do, or have done. Meals are out of the way for today, that feels good although I still have to pack a lunch for me and my aunt. I hard boiled eggs, I have things for salad, and I'm going to make a chicken and rice dish for us. It's cold and rainy, I thought I would feel worse today than I do, but so far, apart from being tired, I'm feeling pretty good.

In the past I've let my perfection get in the way of doing things. I've decided to back away from the mentality that I have to write superior daylogs, or keep to a certain word count or number of pages. First I need to establish the habit, then I can work towards improving the quality of my product. This is helping me keep on task because in the past, I would try to do everything perfectly, take on too much at once, and then be unable to sustain my efforts. Great news on the financial front, I still have a check in my purse, and I'm not down to the wire in my checking account despite that check being a substantial portion of my monthly income.

I've become much more budget conscious, I'm proud of myself for moving towards greater financial freedom and independence, and I'd like to thank fellow noder corvus for introducing me to Mr. Money Mustache whose wisdom has helped me. I'd also like to thank Pandeism Fish for reminding me that water from steamed vegetables is a nourishing drink. These past few days when I've steamed vegetables, I've saved the water beneath it, and it's nice to be able to sit and sip it first thing in the morning. No one I know drinks green coffee, but I'm wondering how much better this kind of beverage would be for those who claim to be addicted to the black brew.

That's all for now. I want to make sure I have time for my podcast, hundred words, and exercise. I also have to shower, throw some laundry in, and pack the lunches. I'm excited about the new changes in my life, and grateful for the many friends who have supported me along the way. Thank you, it's been fun, and I appreciate who you are, and your contributions to me life.

Take care,


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