Kids WB' was Warner Brothers' attempt to enter children's television starting around 1995. With this move, many of the WBs previous shows such as Animaniacs and The Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show were taken from Fox Kids and ABC (Which is why in old Animaniacs shows there is reference to "Fox censors"). In the Los Angeles area they are broadcasted on the local WB station, KTLA 5 and have become the only after school cartoon station.

Nowadays the shows display fairly limited attention. The animation is poor, the shows often have vague or lame plots, and it seem the network is only interested in grabbing any new cartoon that involves explosions or the latest fad, they have also managed to destroy the plot line of the popular anime Cardcaptor Sakura in the show Cardcaptors. This is the sad state of public telvision for's slightly worse than Fox Kids, but only because of Pokemon*.

Current Lineup (Los Angeles Area)

Note the lack of legacy WB cartoons...

* They have had 4 different Pokemon shows, and will not take it off the air despite only having reruns left.

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