A Gun which uses a very weak form of ammo called a BB (a small round ball) or a pellet (same size as a BB but pointed). Used mostly to kill squirrel or other small pests or for killing GIJO's. For city dwellers this could be the most dangerous weapon ever owned. Most people get a Pellet Gun when they are young. Country and out-back dwellers go strait to Shotguns.

when I was about 14, this kid shot me with a pellet gun in the thumb from about 100 yards, which amazingly was pretty far in my thumb. More amazing, the pellet ricocheted off the pavement and somehow still got in my thumb.

As I was walking home with a bloody hand, a friend of my brothers was driving by and stopped to ask if i was ok, I told him what happened, and he went to my house and told my mother I had been shot, leaving out that it was pellet gun. I walked in just as she was calling the police.

Either way, when we got to the hospital, the doctors had to report the incident to the police because the law state any type of shooting, no matter how simple requires a police report...I hope that bastard who shot me wet his pants when the police called him.

Moral of this story: Stupid suburban kids and pellet guns should not be mixed for any reason.

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