American television actor and sometime juggler who gained popularity in 1980 as the writer Henry/Hildegard Desmond opposite Tom Hanks on ABC's "Bosom Buddies." Never as funny after Bosom Buddies, despite his many years (1984-1990) and four Emmy nominations on "Newhart," and never as successful in Hollywood as Hanks (although they would appear together again briefly in That Thing You Do). His voice has appeared in Animaniacs, Gargoyles, Duckman, and Batman: the Animated Series. After bottom feeding on the TV version of Honey I Shrunk my Acting Career, in the role of inventor Wayne Szalinski (a part originally played by Rick Moranis, whom Scolari resembles) plus stints as producer and director of the series, he still works as a character actor, making appearances on series such as The West Wing and ER.

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