Sorry if this is a partial dream again, I set "sleep" with a priority in my action plan. I promise it won't happen again....

Me and Superman (who was a 12" high plastic toy much like the old action men, okay so it's was a doll for boys!) had been chasing Spiderman and the Hitman (who was really the Hulk). As they made their way into a deeper into the canyon I grew to giantic proportions. I scaled a mountain that was made out of clay and grabbed a white porclean plate. I pinned Superman who was bare chested and I tried to sever his left forearm. I then grabbed Spiderman and shrank down to regular toy size and sat on him until Superman recovered.

I explained to Superman that I would have to hunt down the hitman myself. I knew what I had done was bad, but for some reason Superman understood. As I went to follow the Hitman I looked back to see an exhausted Superman sitting on Spiderman. Two things came to my head; I wondered if I had dressed Superman's arm (since it was wrapped in gauze) and why had Spiderman became a baddie. I knew I was becoming distracted so I tried to locate the Hitman who had run into a doorway.

When I came through the door way I found myself at the mexican gulf coast. I was standing on the tip of a mountain that had become submerged in the ocean. I couldn't find the Hitman. So I stuck my head inside the water and then I spotted him hiding. I jumped into the water and started to swim after him. Then the Hitman did a surprise move he started to swim backwards heading directly for me. I became unconcious.

I woke up in the lobby area of a hotel. The doctors had arrived with suitcase that were opened. I walked over to the female doctor who was of Indian descent, I assumed she was the head doctor. I explained that the reason I had collapsed that I had been taking stimultants for the whole week whilst tracking the villians.