I saw myself sitting in one of those old-school red subway cars, filled with little kids sitting on every seat around me... They were all a blur as they talked, played with each other, goofing on each other. I think I should get out. The subway car's doors opened, and I went out to see a pier with a large ship. Wait a minute... This doesn't look right... the water looks shallow. I climbed down from the pier and walked closer to this ship, and I didn't notice the water being as shallow as a quarter of an inch. It looks like I'm walking on water to see this non-floating ship! I don't think it's even a real ship!

I went back, and climbed back to the pier and walked out to a lot with a gigantic old building. In front of the building people were having a flea market of sorts selling fluorescent cheaply-made crap that might've had the words "made in hong kong" microscopically printed on them. Balls, balloons, books, whatever knickknacks that exist, the flea market will sell. Then I saw an old car parked in front of a doorway with the sign "The Sound of Music" next to the door. It must be an old theatre! I would go and see the movie, but I didn't. The people who went in are as multi-colored as the crap their friends were selling.

Instead of joining in on the fun, I went through the old building. The building had nothing but darkness, and I'm back to reality.