I was in a classroom where my English teacher was giving a lesson on something I wasn't paying attention to and don't remember. I notice that the girl next to me, someone I know, has her hand in another girl's underwear (another person I know). They begin to masturbate in front of me. (I am not attracted to either one of these girls. One has serious issues about accecptance, and the other is just annoying. Actually, they are both rather annoying.) After many jolting movements, my English teacher noticed the fiasco and chastised them.

Brief Intermission

In another dream, I had gotten out of bed, dressed myself, and walked to Emerald's house. It was dark outside. When I arrived, I stepped inside the door and stood there. I noticed a figure, but my eyes weren't working. It was Allegra, Emerald's sister. She asked why I was up, and I said I was going to school. She informed me that we didn't have school today. I realized that I already knew that. I left, came back and talked to Tracy, Emerald's mom. She was trying to remove the ice from the top step to the porch. I went back inside and saw Emerald, browsing the refrigerator. She grabbed an apple and said 'hi'.