Last night I had a cool pleasant dream. I was walking to my friend’s clearpebbles house; it was around midnight. The reason lets just say I was going to go and get stoned with her. Well to let you know I like this girl but she doesn’t like me, I don’t know why. She sees me as a brother well at least that’s what she tells me. Back to my dream first let me tell you what happened during the day. During the day I did get stoned with her but there was another lets call him Omar. In the same place that we were in my dream is we were smoking out. The only difference between my dreams is what happened in my dream and that Omar wasn’t there. Ok back to my dream, well we were there talking and smoking and well I decided to ask her to be my girlfriend and well she said yes and well that made me happy. And that was my dream I don’t dream that much and when I do they are dreams like that that sucks. I guess I owe this dream to something my friend Seth told me and I thank him. So thank you Seth.

Last night, I slept well for the first time since school began. And I had a very weird dream. I remember it a little bit, but some parts of the dream weren't so clear.

I went to sleep relatively early, and I was sleeping very well. Closer to the morning, I started dreaming about real life. This dream seemed very realistic, as are almost all of my dreams. The dream was quite long. Here goes:

The first thing I remember, is me being in school. The classroom and everything looked kind of blurry and unusual, but it was realistic. I saw the dream in full colour, and the people were all real. Suddenly, an announcement came on the P.A. Someone was looking for me. I was near the door of the classroom when I heard that, and I saw some tough guys passing by and talking. From the conversation, I concluded that I am in big, big trouble. They wanted, more or less, to kill me. I was screwing around for a couple of minutes, and then I finally realized that I should leave the classroom. So I did (I don't remember how, I just remember that I left it).

Then, I heard gun fire and I carefully went back to see what was wrong. I noticed that a lot of people were dead. I don't actually remember the bodies, but I knew that they were dead. Among the dead, there were several teachers, and quite a lot of students. The so called 'tough guys' simply did a mass attack on the classroom. By then, I actually realized that it was the perfect time to get the fuck out of there, as far and as soon as possible. I had some cash on me, but I also borrowed $30 from my friend Kirill.

I got out of the school, and started heading towards the bus stop. I met one of my friends Lev (not necromancer), who was on his way to school (he was late). He asked me where the hell I was going, and just then a limousine drove up. The driver was some mafia guy, and he told both of us to get in the car. Now, this part was interesting and quite unusual for a dream: The guy started looking up something on his laptop, and after a while, he concluded that there has been some mistake - they were looking for Lev, and they accidently wrote me up in their list. I asked, "How did that happen?". He answered, "I guess I clicked in the wrong place." (Weird dream, isn't it? But it makes some sense - the first two letters of our last names are the same.) I started swearing constantly, blaming them for what happened (I must have been kind of brave in the dream, to swear a mafia guy off...), and he told me to stay in the car, explaining that I wasn't safe yet.

Even though we haven't drove too far, the place we stopped at was completely unfamiliar. It was some kind of a wasteland with many warehouses. The warehouses were big and white, and they looked pretty advanced. We entered one of the warehouses, and stayed there for a while. After a long conversation, that I do not remember very well, I concluded the following: They were looking for Lev because he was involved with them one way or another, but they didn't want to kill him. Also, I found out that the guys who wanted to kill me weren't the ones in those warehouses. It was another mafia, who thought that the 'warehouse guys' were using a doubled person for operations (both mafias mixed me and Lev up, and thought we were the same person).

After the conversation, they sent me back to the school, to find out exactly who were the guys that wanted me dead. I don't know why they wouldn't just go themselves, or send one of their men, but I did have to go there. It was very unpleasant to think of going to a place where you're wanted dead. I went back to school, trying my best not to be noticed. I found out that the tough guys weren't in the school anymore, and that there was an investigation about the classroom's casualties going on. I went back to the mafia's warehouse, and reported what I saw. They told me to stay in the warehouse, and promised to take care of this. Then, they left.

I woke up. The dream ran through my head, and I wrote it down. This was one of the weirdest dreams I ever had.

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A fragment of dream:

Someone had asked in sfnet about how to change an instrument on a piece of a music. Later, I met this guy in a shopping mall. He said he had got this advice:

$ latex (two three-letter commands) oldmidipatch: Newmidipatch

this would change the instrument in a CD track! (No, he wasn't manipulating a MIDI file =)

Now, this guy talked with me - he articulated very clearly, as if parodying someone. Finally, he said:

"So, do you have any money?"

"No, I don't", I replied.

"Where has your money gone?"

"I have spent it - quite recklessly and carelessly - on music", I said, crouched and looking at the cheap collections of CDs.

Then he complained how that was an absolutely bad thing, and how he absolutely could not do such things, and told why.

Later, I looked at the shovels and I was shocked how much cheaper they were in the mall - I had ordered a shovel from somewhere and it had been a bit more expensive.

I find myself in some derivative of summer camp. Details escape, but it is certain that there is a war going on. My guide is supposed to lead me to my father, on the way we encounter a large scary-looking-dude(c) with a rifle. I have a gun also and de-holster, aiming it at him. He just smiles, even when I tell him that I will shoot. Taking the first turn, he fires at me but misses. Everything is turn-based as we shoot it out. A red status-bar on the bottom of my vision tells me what vital organs have been hit. I derive that I will die from the wounds, but destroy him first. His corpse is still intact, he hadn't bled at all. Then I realize - he is made of glued cardboard, inanimately it lies before me - my wounds are gone.

Timewave & Virtual Foam

  • Analysing Terence McKenna's timewave (a supposed fractal map of history built into the I Ching), looking for historical resonances between past and future events. Since the graph is self-similar, I can find big events in the past that map to corresponding points in the future, thus formulating a prediction. (See timewave origins)

  • The opening of a new high-tech office building on San Francisco Bay. I see external views of the building and the architecture is quite pleasing to the eye: a silver cube with two of the opposite faces molded smoothly into elipses tilted at opposing 30 degree angles. I'm in the main conference room with the CEO of the company. All the corporate propaganda bores me to death so I become lucid and announce the fact to everyone in the room. In order to prevent awakening, I do some exercise, but I discover that spinning around in a circle with my arms out to the side works best. People ask what I'm doing and I espouse the merits of dream spinning as I demonstrate. After awhile I decide to turn this dream into something else entirely. I walk out of the conference room.

  • I enter a huge indoor arena where many people I know are milling around. I see my friend David Shue. This new dream I've created is a real-life Doom game of capture the flag. The level is composed of two huge rooms made of big foam bricks with a big foam wall dividing them. As the game goes on, the wall gets dismantled (just like Pink Floyd's live performance of The Wall). Instead of weapons we throw the foam blocks. If you get hit enough times you die where you stand and respawn back near the home base. We play for awhile but have more fun throwing the blocks at each other than running the flag back and forth. I decide to change the level. The environment transforms into a completely different configuration and we continue the game.

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