Nolan, from North Belfast Harriers, had got a bug or something in his head. We weren't sure what is was, maybe a strange plant, some sort of worm, a neoplasm or in the extreme case, an alien! Anyway, there it was and we didn't have a clue what to do. Nolan seemed to be happy. Actually he was happier than I've ever seen.

We were worried anyway and we wanted to find out what it was in the back of his head. There were also some scientists who were interested in. And surprise, surprise, three men from intelligence agency. The scientists were very cooperative and we wanted to help them.

That's why we were after Nolan who had run away from us. He was just so energetic. We traced him down to a tube station. There was also a temporary laboratory where our scientists worked. By now, they had discovered that the bug in case was previously unknown species. They showed the worm to us. It was about four centimeters long and light red, wriggling in tweezers when they lifted it up.

They had sat Nolan down to wheelchair and covered his head with some sort of mask. Seemed like Nolan didn't have face at all. There were also these three men from Interpol or where ever they've come from. All of them sat in wheelchairs as well similar masks in their heads. But one of them didn't have a head at all; it was like corroded away but it didn't seem to cause any trouble -- he was alive and well. We found out that the bug was implanted also in the heads of theirs. And behind the masks - we had some occultic feeling about this - their faces were supposed to turn into that of Nolan's. Chilling.

But Nolan refused to stand still anymore and he rolled with his wheelchair to the escalator and went away. The Interpol weren't too happy with this and we joined the chase. We - that is, me and some of my friends I didn't recognize in my dream; they were just sidekicks - worried that we had the bugs in our heads also even though there were nothing visible. We also had found out that the bug increases the sexual activity of the carrier and in the case of Nolan, it turned him to homosexual.

We managed to catch Nolan up at my secondary school. (Just to note that otherwise this dream is not situated in the town of my childhood.) We walk in stairs upwards and Nolan is very happy again. Between second and third floor he finds his fat mate who joins us. There were also some other people just lieing on the floor but they don't mind us. We are pretty sure that the fatso is gay because before the bug Nolan didn't know this fellow. We keep on walking and on the third floor there are three Chinese girls. For a while I imagine one of them is the one I know (see May 29, 2001) but when I bend down to her and hand over her hair away from her face -- strange enough, she doesn't react, she's like drugged -- I recognize her not to be one I was looking after. Yes, there has been an underlying theme in the dream that I have to find this friend of mine.

But I didn't - I woke.

My family and I were cruising around some hills looking at really nice houses. Georgine, a woman who runs a candy store here somehow was my good friend, and she came down from a closed community that we were gazing out. She showed us her house, which was amazing, with a vestibule of glass and lots of dark wood. Then we walked over to the Elk's Lodge, which was somehow connected with the community.

Then my children and I were in a motel room. My husband had left to get something and I opened the door to see if he was coming. Two people were on the walkway, and they forced the door open, not letting me close it. One of them had a tiny gun, and I debated whether to give them my money or fight for the gun, because my two kids were there. I grabbed the gun and took it without a struggle. The two guys were somewhat flabbergasted. I tried to call the front desk to call the police, but for some reason this was a very low rent motel....very low rent..and nothing worked. I began talking to one of the would-be thieves, and noticed that his socks had holes in them. He was very poor and I became semi-sympathetic to him. I tried shooting the gun and not only was it out of bullets, but it shot water as well.

Then the door between us and the next motel room burst open. in runs a buy with long blonde hair and a black leather long coat, leather pants, etc. he's brandishing a HUGE knife and yelling at two small blonde boys. He notices that we're there and grabs up the boys and runs back into his room in embarassment. then suddenly my parents are there, and they're listening to the door connecting to the room on the other side of us. they think a woman is getting beat up in there. we open the door and there is a woman calmly putting on her makeup and hitting herself. The room is very large and elegant in contrast to our small ratty room, and there is an ambience to it..soft light, plush furnishings, etc.

My friend Patti comes and picks me and the kids up. She has a very luxurious car. she gets a phone call that her mother has or is dying. she needs to rush off immediately, and deal with some mother issues.

What does this all mean? sheesh...damned if I know. The luxurious places..and the hotel room with it's rattieness and low level crime is a huge contrast. I'm not sure what that means. Money problems scaring me? maybe so...maybe I fear being in a dangerous place like that..but feel somehow that I belong there..hence my sympathy for the thief with the holey socks.

Well, the dream started out with me bringing my kitten to the vet. That's when I flashed back to the previous week (in the dream, not rl), and recalled an incident my cat had at the dentist. His tooth was horribly decayed and they had to remove it, and through some sort of mishap, or carelessness, he died in "surgery." That's when I realize that the kitten I was bringing in was not the same cat, but a new one, a replacement. They were both very cruel, and seemingly sadistic. At a certain point in the dream *I* was the one whose tooth was being removed, and they were holding me down and I was struggling. I then emerged from the flashback and I was back at the vet with the new cat. I was terribly afraid of what they would do to him, but, and this is a little vague, he turned out fine. After the surgery they asked if I wanted to keep him overnight, and I agreed. So I started to leave, but after I was gone, I decided came back to check on him. I saw he was in a cage of very rough wire, practically barbed wire. So I said "what are you doing! let me take him home." but they wouldn't let me. They gave me some pseudo-medical reason why, when after surgery, if they place him in a cage they can't remove him for two days, under any circumstances. They even said that he wouldn't be taken out in a fire, because if they took him out he was as good as dead anyway. So I said, listen I don't care, just let me take him home, and they said to me "excuse me sir, don't get violent, we're only doing whats good for you" in a very firm, and condescending tone, even though I was *not* being violent. I told them I would call the police and they told me to go ahead, because there was a law regarding this very matter, and it was not in my favor.

The dream then segues into a hotel room, where there is a small, blond, slightly tubby, and precocious boy. Since he was so young he had people taking care of him, even though his parents weren't anywhere to be seen. It seems that he was a very important child, because the people taking care of him would follow him like a posse would, and even though they told him what he should and shouldn't do, it seemed as if he had the final word. So as he was going to bed he went to close the door, but then his posse (who at this moment were revealed to be Israelis Jews) told him that one shouldn't sleep with the door closed because he might do improper things. He was fighting with them over this for a while and he was leaning against the door trying to keep them out, when a zaftig woman slipped in, who had blonde hair the exact shade of the boy's. A single lock of her blonde hair was pulled down to her forehead. She was a grown woman and the child was only a little boy, but they were obviously smitten with each other. They were flirting, mainly commenting on each other's hair. The boy said that he liked how a lock of hair was pulled down to her forehead and he tried it on himself. He crafted a perfect piece and put it against his forehead, like the woman's. She was so impressed you could see she was lightheaded. They were becoming so enamored with each other when finally the boy just passed out. When he woke up he told the woman that it had happened to him before when he was at a strip club (weird) for the first time. He said he was very lucky that time in the strip club because he was chopping up sushi very quickly right when he passed out and he could've lost a finger. At this point, it dawns on the woman that she is falling in love with a child and she looks very ashamed of herself.

Regarding the cat: I just recently got a kitten, in rl, and the person who sold it to me (some stranger on the street), told me that he was female. So I named him Ginger. When I brought him to the vet, I found out he was, well, male. I believe that's where the part of the dream of my first cat dying and getting a replacement came from. Even though it might not make sense on a rational level, I have an intuitive feeling that the dream meant I felt that I was replacing the original cat. It turns out, I've named him Tobey. After naming him Ginger and then finding out he was male, I realized that animals don't have the same sort of gender differences that we're sensitive to, and because I was projecting all these female qualities onto him I actually viewed him as a female (in a human sense). So I decided that giving him a unisexual name would be most appropriate.

I had a really strange dream.

I was in this post-war version of a major city. There was some small scale fighting going on. I had a small semi-automatic. perhaps a Glock 17 or something to that effect. I ran about in the rubble with my brother, and just generally trying to survive‚ when I bumped into a guy I know. I have no idea who he was, just that I know him.

He had this little refuge/shelter, made from the rubble and we were invited in. Then some soldiers began running around outside, and I peeped out through a blanket he'd put up. Unfortunately, I messed up, and all hell broke loose. I think I dropped the blanket.

I come to myself at home, without the gun. I find my brother in the kitchen & asks him if he's seen the gun. He lies and says he hasn't (for some reason, I know he stole it). Then the guests arrive. Apparently, we invited them to a party here. They're all bringing guns and stuff, and they're all younger than me. I ask one of them if I can have their gun, and the wiseguy hands me his super soaker. That kinda pissed me off, so I go "Haw haw, you idiot" and throw it away.

Now the party is at a disco or pub or someplace, and I go to have a drink at the bar, only to realize I know the chick who's serving. I don't recall who she is, maybe someone from my grade school. She's kinda hot and I chat a bit with her. Apparenly, her shift ends, cause we walk over to a couch in the corner.

I'm pretty drunk at this point, when she asks me to take off my sweater, cause it -get this- smells like semen. I go "what?!", and am kinda reluctant to take it off, cause I didn't shower and I smell like sweat (not so strange considering I've been running around in guerilla warfare). I take if off, though, and then we talk a bit. I've never been good at knowing if a girl wants to smooch, so I misjudge (fuck!) and it's all awkward.

Then I wake up.

To quote a friend of mine, "... uh huh. I vunder vot Zigmund Frrrrreud vould haff to say about zat, hmm? Tell me more about your mudder?"

I find that I remember my dreams better when I turn my alarm clock off and go back to sleep. I tend to remember my dreams that I have when I oversleep.

I had this dream last night that I was performing in some musical in front of a large (200 or so people?) live audience. Me and some other people in Navs. I remember MK being there, LL, MW, I can't remember who else. We were trying to sing a song, and the performance was taking forever.

It got to be my solo part and I panicked as I realized that I hadn't practiced any of the song! I couldn't remember the lyrics. I blanked out. My fellow cast members were then trying to help me out with the song, telling me bits and pieces of the lyrics, but they were all speaking simultaneously, and I was left more confused. This continued for about twenty minutes, and the audience members started leaving. They collected their stuff, put on their backpacks, and were walking out one at a time (much like students in a class when the professor begins to go overtime). "How rude!" I thought to myself.

Then I looked at somebody else's watch (since I don't wear one) and realized that I was a half an hour late to my Courts and Social Policy final exam!

I had no choice but to become one of those inconsiderate people who walk out of things before they are over.

I jumped off the stage and started running towards the classroom, which was far enough that I got quite winded along the way. I walked into the room and realized there were no seats! My professor had split the class up A-L and M-Z, and A-L were in a different classroom across campus, taking the final exam.

Cursing myself, I ran back the other way. I waited for an elevator, but all of them seemed to be going to different floors other than the one I was on. I took the stairs up five flights instead. After getting into the correct room, I took out my blue book, sat down at an empty seat and began to take the final. I was sweaty, bitter, and tired. I had no idea how to answer any of the three essay questions.

I brainstormed for an hour. I made outlines. I drew various diagrams and symbols. I did everything but answer the questions. Finally, time was up. I stood to turn in my exam and saw my friend EL there. Smiling. She thought it was easy. Of course.

Maybe it's an omen. Maybe I should be paying more attention in class. Maybe I should be going to class. Maybe I should study for my finals. Maybe I've been studying too hard for my finals. Well, that's doubtful since I haven't started yet. Maybe I should go back to sleep.

I guess it was like in the West, you know those old Western Movies, or those new ones, around the time that Lonesome Dove would've have taken place. It was really cool, two of my friends were Catherine Zeta Jones (I am not adding the Douglas), and Sophie Marceau. Both of whom are part of my favorite actress list. Well I live in a large spanish styled manor and my father owned many horses and cattle. I was in love with the horses and I owned the best one out of them all and I was always riding my horse everywhere.

These bandits came one day into our town and the leader turned out to be the son of the mayor. When we were little we use to play together. Well he was evil now and he was demanding money from his father. Catherine Zeta Jones was all drooling over him because she thought he was incredibly handsome. Me and Sophie just sighed, you see Catherine's mom works at the brothel and she swoons at any man. Sophie's family has been in the gun business for a long time, and they own the local gun shop. Well being one of the wealthy families in town the mayor points his son to collect money from all the wealthy families. Everyone is furious and protests, but the bandits threaten to kill anyone in there way. I become absolutely angry with this because he's already rich, he's the mayor's son for God's sake! My family donated a substantial amount of money to the poor every month, and I thought it was just unfair.

I got Sophie Marceau to supply me with guns, though she was against it, I pretty much forced her to and gave her tons of money to cover it. I think she was a bit offended with the money. And since I was going to do it by myself, she decided it would be better if she helped me out so me and her were partners. Catherine doesn't really do anything so she stayed in the brothel with her mother. I lend Sophie my second favorite horse and I do threaten her that if my horse gets hurt she's going to get it. We dress up in leather gear, soft leather so it won't make those squeaking sounds and go on our mission at night time.

We take the bandits out one by one, but don't get to do them because morning was coming. In the morning the bandits were really spooked and they demanded to know who did it. The Sheriff of the town took the credit, but stupid him got shot. Me and Sophie plotted again on how we were going to get them all. At first she was a bit hesitant to kill the people, but now she was kind of okay with it. Well we keep planning and it is getting towards night but I never got to go through with the plan because I woke up.

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