Timewave & Virtual Foam

  • Analysing Terence McKenna's timewave (a supposed fractal map of history built into the I Ching), looking for historical resonances between past and future events. Since the graph is self-similar, I can find big events in the past that map to corresponding points in the future, thus formulating a prediction. (See timewave origins)

  • The opening of a new high-tech office building on San Francisco Bay. I see external views of the building and the architecture is quite pleasing to the eye: a silver cube with two of the opposite faces molded smoothly into elipses tilted at opposing 30 degree angles. I'm in the main conference room with the CEO of the company. All the corporate propaganda bores me to death so I become lucid and announce the fact to everyone in the room. In order to prevent awakening, I do some exercise, but I discover that spinning around in a circle with my arms out to the side works best. People ask what I'm doing and I espouse the merits of dream spinning as I demonstrate. After awhile I decide to turn this dream into something else entirely. I walk out of the conference room.

  • I enter a huge indoor arena where many people I know are milling around. I see my friend David Shue. This new dream I've created is a real-life Doom game of capture the flag. The level is composed of two huge rooms made of big foam bricks with a big foam wall dividing them. As the game goes on, the wall gets dismantled (just like Pink Floyd's live performance of The Wall). Instead of weapons we throw the foam blocks. If you get hit enough times you die where you stand and respawn back near the home base. We play for awhile but have more fun throwing the blocks at each other than running the flag back and forth. I decide to change the level. The environment transforms into a completely different configuration and we continue the game.