Taking my semi-daily afternoon nap, I realized that I've been watching too much Gundam Wing and reading too much Legend of the Five Rings books. Either that or I've eaten way too much California Roll sushi and teriyaki in the afternoon.

I remember being a daimyo of some sort, but of a group of robotic suits. Mind you, they were seemingly normal sized so I would assume people are the size of Thumbelina. Anyways, I remember being inside, with two control modules, similar to Gundam Wing robots or to Virtual On joysticks filled with buttons. My clan was apparently fighting a long battle against samurai and we were ninja. There were all these weird conversations regarding honor and battles and about duels. Weird.

What stuck out was my one on one duel. It felt like I was fighting someone that I knew and we were fighting with thermal laser swords. I remember fighting with a two-sword technique while he was using a two-handed technique, assumingly for more power behind each swing. We fought fiercely with me losing with a slash on the torso. It felt like it was burning and before he was about to decaptitate me, I woke up. Grim but sorta cool.

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