You know you spend too much time online when you start dreaming about everything2. I had a dream last night that I was writing up a node and all of a sudden my account was reset. I was sent back to level 0 and 0 xp and write-ups. While I don’t consider myself an XP whore or anything this did upset me. My roommate came back from a final and showed me that there was a go back and time button on everything. So I clicked that and went back in time to before my account was reset. After feelings better about having my account back to normal I left the dorm (yes 3 years in a dorm and I’m still here).

I ran into my girlfriend and we decided to go to a concert. I can’t remember which band was playing but the security was tight. They were selling cokes, and beer every ten feet. The one cool thing was they had a little mini bottler there. You could ask for a coke and aglass bottle would come out. It would then get filled right in front of you. Kind of cool.

After walking through all the people selling cokes we got to the show your ticket place. It was much like a Airport security. We had to show our tickets walk through this X-ray thing, and place our stuff on this little belt to be X-rayed as well. My girlfriend went through and then it was my turn. But I couldn’t find my ticket. I eventually found it folded up in my wallet. But not until I had searched everywhere else on my person. I awoke before we reached our seats.

Transdimensional Pursuit

  • Somehow I acquire a transdimensional traveling device. It looks like a cell phone and when I punch in a digit address, I am suddenly elsewhere. I also discover that the device doubles as an energy weapon. After jumping around between universes for awhile, I encounter an extradimensional alien who isn't very happy to see me and in fact decides to hunt me down and kill me. Apparently it can travel between dimensions as well. I try to escape by jumping into random dimensions but I underestimate the determination of this being; it divides and multiplies like an amoeba, repeating the process repeatedly and sending its offspring out in an exponential search algorithm. I am hunted from universe to universe, fending off pursuing aliens as I go with my rather weak weapon. Eventually I tire of the whole game and flick in to where the mother alien is.

    "I will assimilate you!"

    "That's right, bitch ass. Go ahead and eat me."

Wheat Grass and Moonshine: I was on some sort of field trip, involving a lot of ravers that I know in the Boston area. For some reason, we were hanging out on a patio, drinking moonshine mixed with kool-aid. There were two flavors, red and green. I'm pretty sure the red was strawberry. I made this comment that the green stuff looked like wheatgrass, which for some reason was really funny. So funny, in fact, that Jed, the white guy with dredlocks, laughed so hard that some of the red koolaid/moonshine came out of his nose, and he spilled his everywhere.

Ecstacy, computers, and sex: Same crew of people, only we had gone inside, like in a hotel or something. Apparently, we were all working for the same company, doing some kind of computer work. Only for some reason, we were on vacation, and everyone was taking tabs of E. Sure enough, an E-puddle broke out, and everyone was going at it in the middle of the floor. My ex was also involved, and I joined in, masturbating her from behind. It was very erotic, but suddenly everyone got up and left, and she turned towards me and said, "Can I have my pussy back?" So, dejectedly, I got up and sat at my desk, which had a rather high-end laptop on it. We all seemed to have these. They ran some odd hardware-level OS that you could add emulators to, so instead of actually running windows, it ran an i386 emulator that windows ran on. But I guess were we all videogame fanatics, because we were running console emulators like SNES and stuff on it. I'm not sure what happened after that.

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