It was simple, after I figured it out, after I remembered how it used to be.

Running down the street, laughing, launching myself into the air to be tossed around in the currents and eddies. Flying is not like you imagine it would be; it is not simple and confident.

As I tumbled in the air, I reflected on when I used to fly kites as a child, and how I always saw intelligence in the way they’d lift and dive.

Hit the ground running. Jump. Catch the current. Lift. Dive.


I can't really remember a lot of it, I did when I woke up, but I'm going to write what I do remember.

I was driving my car to get home from work. I work in Kerrisdale and I live in Tsawwassen but for some reason I was taking No. 3 home. It was dark and most of the land was farmland. I've driven on this road many times and instead of turning on Westminister I was going to drive all the way down to Steveston. Well next thing I knew I was already past Steveston, and the road I hit instead was called Hollow Hill Place or something. The road was a T section so I could only go left or right. It was weird because it was as if I was in a daze or something because I just realized I was on that street, I turned left and I was suddenly on my bike. It was pitch black but I could still see the road and some houses. I peered through the darkness trying to see if there were any lights on in any of the houses that I could ask for help on how to get out. The houses were pretty old, but all the lights of everything were out. The only light was the reflections cast by the moon on metal or light things. When suddenly I just had this sudden chill come over and I thought I saw some things moving in the dark. I turned on the dinky light on my bicycle and turned around to go back the way I came from. I didn't know where I was though because I've never seen the road Hollow Hill Place before. I took out my cell phone to call my friend's that live in Richmond but then I noticed it was 4am. I did call one but I knew her parents would be mad so I hung up right away before anyone answered. While I was riding my bike I tried calling another friend in Tsawwassen to see if they knew where I was but there was a weird plastic cover on my phone and it was making it hard to dial the numbers so I eventually gave up.

I followed the road in darkness and eventually got to Steveston, it happened that I was on it, but I turned on a side road that you had to get on by crossing a small little stone bridge. Funny, I never noticed it before. There was light again so I was relieved.

I don't know if I drove home or went to these stables that were holding a giant dog show which eventually led to me beating up a huge frog that lands into some guys bed and it becomes a movie. The guy kisses the frog, the frog which was evil goes through a transformation into a princess but not after exploding and spraying disgusting goo everywhere. And in between that we were infiltrating a Persian or Arabian palace by orders of an old woman, a sage or something, to kidnap one of the princesses when the frog was released to attack us. One of the princesses was an answer to a riddle or something that would give us ultimate power, but since the frog was a princess we got our prize so we didn't have to go back.

That's it, well other things happened but I just can't understand it at all. RAWR!

Dark Clouds, Grandma & The Stone

  • I'm living in a huge house built into a cliff at the back of a small ocean inlet. My father lives there, along with my (imaginary) little sister. The house is shaped like a T, with the horizontal part attached to the cliff and the vertical part extending out over the water. I'm out on the sea with two long-haired friends of mine and we're admiring the beautiful white cloud formations billowing up far out to sea. Things start changing quickly however as the clouds begin to move in fast forward and change to a dark black-grey as they churn and roil. Up the coast a ways, they roll towards the shoreline, looking like grey frosting being applied to the ocean in a line. At the same time, the surf begins to swell and rock violently. It looks really scary and I feel the need to get back to the house as soon as possible. So I fly up into the air to get a better view then hover above my friend so I can grab his hand and lift him up too. Then he grabs my other friend's hand and I fly them back to the house. At this point I see my little sister down on the rocks below the house so I fly down and rescue her too. When I get back inside, my father questions my action of saving my friends before my sister. I explain that my friends were closer and in greater need. We're standing in the wing that extends over the water and my dad walks into his bedroom which is in the same part. Strangely, there are interior windows with blinds between two adjacent hallways.

  • I talk on the phone with my late grandmother. I know that she's not alive but it's wonderful to hear the sound of her voice again and I tell her so.

  • A dream that revolves around this large, grey stone. Impressed upon me over and over is the importance of this stone and its meaning in my life. I awaken and lie in bed for a long time trying to remember in what manner the stone had significance. But I can't penetrate the thick clouds of dream memory.

I was standing somewhere next to C, the girl that I love from afar. The location was immaterial, but it was dark blue, like the night sky. I turned towards her and demanded "Why won't you love me?!"

She looked me straight in the eye, then calmly, carefully, and completely unexpectedly enumerated the reasons, with infinite clarity. The first was "You need to talk more." The rest are lost forever to the deeper recesses of my mind.


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