humma = H = hungry puppy

hung adj.

[from `hung up'; common] Equivalent to wedged, but more common at Unix/C sites. Not generally used of people. Syn. with locked up, wedged; compare hosed. See also hang. A hung state is distinguished from crashed or down, where the program or system is also unusable but because it is not running rather than because it is waiting for something. However, the recovery from both situations is often the same. It is also distinguished from the similar but more drastic state wedged - hung software can be woken up with easy things like interrupt keys, but wedged will need a kill -9 or even reboot.

--The Jargon File version 4.3.1, ed. ESR, autonoded by rescdsk.

Hung (?), imp. & p. p.

of Hang.

Hung beef, the fleshy part of beef slightly salted and hung up to dry; dried beef.


© Webster 1913.

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