A race of aliens from the Rim, in the Star Frontiers game, described in the Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space. Humma are lewd, crude, party kangaroos, excelling in brawling, drinking other PCs under the table, and all the other good stuff normally attributed to Viking warriors.

A Humma's hind legs are large, and allow them to leap as much as 30 meters. Their tails are long and prehensile, and can support the weight of their bodies for short periods of time, as well as grip or pick up small and medium-sized objects, such as a rifle or a rock.

Their teeth are extremely tough, and their digestive system can assimilate almost anything vaguely edible, including plastic eating utensils and trays. They are immune to almost any sort of ingested poison.

They hate the Sathar with a vengeance; indeed, their word for "Sathar" is the same for "meat".

Humma are popular with players who prefer straight combat to other forms of role-playing, or those who just enjoy a chance to be as crude and irritating as they can to their party, and still be in character.

Most SF players agree the female gunner alien in the Titan AE movie was a reasonably close approximation of both the appearance and the personality of a Humma.

huff = H = hung

humma // excl.

A filler word used on various `chat' and `talk' programs when you had nothing to say but felt that it was important to say something. The word apparently originated (at least with this definition) on the MECC Timeshare System (MTS, a now-defunct educational time-sharing system running in Minnesota during the 1970s and the early 1980s) but was later sighted on early Unix systems. Compare the U.K's wibble.

--The Jargon File version 4.3.1, ed. ESR, this entry manually entered by rootbeer277.

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