Escapism. Storytelling. An excuse for fun evening with some friends, some snacks, and maybe some beer. Roleplaying has many forms, from the simple 'cowboys and indians' that we are all familiar with, through the classic D+D formula with paper, pencil and little metal figures, to improvisational theater. I have even heard, and to a small extent seen, if someone is really insular and shy, it can bring them out of their shell.

The act of pretending to be someone you are not. Most notably applied to Role Playing Games, but also equally applied to fetish types. The former group looks upon the latter with some amount of awe.

In a MMORPG, true roleplaying is the act of being consistent with the game world in which you are playing. Non-roleplayers simply act like they are modern people wandering around the world with swords, while roleplayers would attempt to truly take on roles within the game world.

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