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Meta-data, the edge of the fringe. References. I tame the Wind of Bombast, and put it in paper bags.
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There's a light over there. I'll adjust it. Now it's a little brighter, which seems to work. I'm looking out the window. It's like a freezeframe, could be painted. Cunningly, with illusions of depth. Gloss finish. Objects placed, to give a feeling that one could actually go out there. The window opens, I feel the wind. I didn't even reach over, didn't even touch the latch... Now, I'm not sure at all.

Every word I say is one more pellet in my shotgun mysticism.

My membership here truly begins with my first writeup, not with the date of creation for my account. I think I linked here from Slashdot, looked around, made an account, then promptly forgot about it. But then I came back and really got into writing.

and then I forgot again. hauhauhauhauhauhauhauhauhauhauhau.

Set your receivers.