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When I first learned of Everything, I was amazed. What a wonderful concept... people will enter in their memes and they will fight out a battle royale for supremacy. It seemed perfect to me, like an undying encyclopedia that renewed itself with better and better entries.

As Everything died and gave birth to Everything2, my hopes were dashed against the rocks of reality. My feeble understanding of what the designers had intended became shookingly obvious when I found that you couldn't even order the write-ups by score. Why not?.

It appears those in charge were not interested in creating a self modifying encyclopedia. No, it was clear that they intended something much worse. This was going to be a Cult of Information with an EverQuest addiction system..

So now we see the true results of that design. Great informational write-ups get shafted on votes. Humour appears to be more important. Anecdotal information rules and if you mention jessicapierce you get 2X bonus on your votes. What the fuck is this?.

Nothing more than a game played by bored intellectuals and Pseudo_Intellectuals. Want to be good at the game? Here's the How to get your stuff voted up, but don't bother... someone else has already won..

It's only a matter of time before you lose anyway. Lose interested, lose time, lose the desire to write up the millions of write up's needed to level. I'm still suprised they haven't added bubs to the interface so you can see how close you are to the next level..

Don't worry, I wont hold it against you if you can't quit. But just don't fool yourself into thinking this is somehow constructive. It's not..

Now I just come here to see how my highest voted item is doing and wish for a better meme encylopedia.