Roll-playing, which takes its name from the occasional player who is so confused that he actually spells "role-playing" this way due to his obsession with the parts of the game that center around dice, is the act of playing an RPG as if it were simply some sort of hack-and-slash game in which the only object is to kill things and gain experience points, levels, better stats or equipment, or other such things. In short, roll-players strive to "win" RPGs.

While there is something to be said for this kind of play, if one wants to do this exclusively, there are plenty of single-player video games that allow this -- and plenty of MUDs that are PK havens for those who want to compete against fellow humans RPG-style. What makes a role-playing game with humans unique is the opportunity to pretend together.

Roll-players are also called munchkins or powergamers -- though keep in mind that some people who enjoy high-powered player characters actually role-play.

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