A game attempting to pull itself off as an RPG, but has little more in common other than the fact that there are monsters which have hit points that need to be disposed of as quickly and effeciently as possible. Obtaining gold, experience points, treasure, and other goodies such as cool-looking swords are highlights of a hack and slash.

A very popular and great genre if one is so inclined, NetHack is a perfect example of a hack and slash RPG.

Hack and Slash are also two characters from the CGI TV show Reboot. They work for the evil computer virus Megabyte, fufilling the role of bungling thugs and general-purpose henchmen. Hack is the red one, Slash is the blue one (I think), though they occasionally get mixed up. These two are possibly one of the reasons Megabyte is constantly thwarted by Guardian Bob.

While hopelessly but endearingly inept at being bad guys, this is not entirely due to incompetence, but partly due to a subconcious block. As Slash put it in the episode "Game Over", "Bob would always stop us before we did something bad." The duo eventually defected to the side of Dot Matrix and her rebels in the later part of the third season of Reboot. Even in the mostly serious third and four seasons, they retain the bickering Abbot and Costello type humor that has endeared them to many fans of the show (but people being like they are, it has probably annoyed just as many).

Side note: The names "Hack" and "Slash" refer not to the style of comptuer adventure games mentioned above, but to nicknames for the keyboard characters "/" and "\".

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