Seth Able, or Seth Able Robinson in his full name, is the venerable and completely revered creator of the that game of games, the Legend of the Red Dragon.

And, in said game, his alter ego was Seth Able the Bard. He would sing for you (but only one a day because of some kind of throat condition), and if you were lucky enough to be female you could flirt (and seduce) him... if you had the charm.

Seth has more up his sleave, mind you -- as founder of Robinson Technologies he has work on (or is working on) such projects as Dink Smallwood. Some of his programming credits include (blatantly lifted from

  • The Holy Pail (Commodore 128, semi graphical RPG)
  • Legend Of The Red Dragon (LORD) (TAG AMIGA BBS) ('89)
  • Legend Of The Red Dragon (LORD) (DOS BBS door)
  • Barak's House (LORD In Game Module)
  • Planets: The Exploration of Space (TEOS) (DOS BBS door)
  • RTReader (BBS door that ran from a scripting language)
  • Legend Of The Red Dragon 2
  • Brady Bunch Adventure (multiplayer .DLL for MBBS/Worldgroup)
  • Tournament LORD (MBBS/Worldgroup .DLL port) (info)
  • The Gem Shop (T-LORD IGM example with source)
  • Dink Smallwood (WIN95 RPG) (published by Iridon-Interactive) ('98) (info)
  • Mystery Island. A Dink Module we released as a free addon. ('98)
  • Central (networking gaming control software/database) (was used in a store I co-owned) ('98)
  • Central FTP (a 'who's playing here now' autopublisher for the web for above software) ('98)
  • CARnivorous (published by Macmillan) ('99)
  • 3D Hunting Extreme ( published by Macmillan) ('99)
  • Opening Weekend: Varmit Season (published by The Learning Company) ('99)
  • Opening Weekend: Deer Season (published by The Learning Company) ('99)
  • Opening Weekend: Grizzly Season (published by The Learning Company) ('99)
  • Opening Weekend: Bear Season (published by The Learning Company) ('99)
  • RTsoft Chatwall - Perl CGI for a one liner with banning and content checking ('00) (see it)
  • RTsoft News Updater - Perl CGI to update news via the web from anywhere ('00)
  • Smart Mute (Windows) MFC tray utility to mute on idle as well as keystroke log ('00) (info)
  • Prototyped a Paintball themed game, heavily modified the Quake engine to do it (added frame interpolation, new sound engine, QuakeC scripting language additions and rendering improvements) ('00)
  • Cockpit Master RC Flight Simulator (did lobby client and server, 3D engine work, sound, multiplayer and flight model changes) (published by Multiplex) ('00)

If only Door Games had been more popular, Seth could have been as popular as American McGee.

"You're not a god!"

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