A race of aliens in the Star Frontiers game, described in the Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space supplement. Ifshnits are extremely short, hairy humanoids, essentially dwarves in space. The least favorite of the three new "Rim races", mostly due to their name. (If-what?) Reportedly a result of an extremely slow day in the TSR bullpen.

Their society is organized around haggling, diplomacy and business, although they prefer to roam the galaxy as independent traders, unlike the huge corporations of the Vrusk. They are the main force behind the Capellan Free Merchants, one of the Frontier's largest megacorporations.

Aside from their business skills, there's nothing else remarkable about Ifshnits. Their small size means they have trouble using weapons larger than pistol-size, and thus most combat-oriented players tend to shy away from them, while more cerebral players find nothing interesting to play (what, more angry, drunken dwarf jokes?)

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