Vrusk are insectoid aliens, the oldest of the Four Races of the UPF in the Star Frontiers game. They're not really insects - they have eight legs, plus two arms, giveg them ten limbs, rather than six. They inhabit the Vrusk Arm of Frontier space, comprised of the stars Kizk-Kar, K'aken-Kar and K'tsa-Kar.

They have a hard exoskeleton, but also have an internal skeleton to support their bodies. The carapace is blue with bright orange near the joints, changing as the Vrusk gets older to dull green with yellow joints.

Vrusk are hardcore capitalists, with their society formed around trade houses and corporations. They have refined hostile takeovers and corporate espionage to an artform.

Despite their business skills, they are also a favorite of combat-hungry PCs due to their ambidexterity, allowing characters to dish out twice as much damage.

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