In Dungeons & Dragons' third edition Player's Handbook, Ambidexterity is described as a feat (special ability) that your player character (or "PC") can acquire. From the Player's Handbook (p.80):

"You are equally adept at using either hand.

A great feat if you have plenty to spare, in this noder's opinion. It helps reduce penalties for being a badass and fighting with two weapons, which, obviously, is for hardcore ass-kickers. Similarly, it helps the user use double weapons.

Am"bi*dex*ter"i*ty (#), n.


The quality of being ambidexrous; the faculty of using both hands with equal facility. Hence: Versatility; general readiness; as, ambidexterity of argumentation.


Ignorant I was of the human frame, and of its latent powers, as regarded speed, force, and ambidexterity. De Quincey.



. Law

A juror's taking of money from the both parties for a verdict.


© Webster 1913.

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