Titan A.E.: A noder's review

Well, I liked it. It was fun as heck. It does in fact contain a lot of CGI that strive for photorealism. This does make it a bit odd, since the character animation is pure Disney/Bluth style, and occasionally the characters look really out of place.

It's a movie that isn't sure whether it's for children or hardcore geeks. It has lots of eye-candy, as well as goofy characters, silly slapstick humor, and strange creatures. On the other hand, it has some actually decent 'science' (zero-G object behavior, e.g.), death, and best of all, a kajillion classic geek movie references! I counted whole-scene references or visual homages to at least:

...and that's just off the top of my head. For you Buck Godot fans, there's even a character who looks suspiciously like a Pog. I recommend it. I also recommend you see it in a theater with better sound than the one I was stuck with. It sounded like there were a lot more cool directional cues and environmental audio in the soundtrack than the system in that POS theater could render properly. I also recommend a stiff drink or other fun substance; seeing it without won't hurt it at all, but seeing it with could be a fun visual treat. Cheers all.

I did find the soundtrack somewhat annoying...it seemed to be trying really hard to be Heavy Metal's soundtrack, but couldn't pull it off. It's not the 1970s anymore.

One thing I noticed in Titan A.E. was that the computer animation starts out great: thousands of moving objects, textures, wind, ships, exploding planets.
As the movie progresses, the animation gets cheaper. This culminates in the last scenes, on the new and improved planet: the backgrounds look like something done on Bryce with a PC in someone's spare time. Silly geology, cheap fog.
Probably the worse effect is the last spaceship flight, absolutely un-realistic.

I strongly suspect that they run out of render-money (or render-time, the same thing basically).

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