A flat disc (as opposed to a spherical one? thanks...) thrown on the ground to disrupt the positions of other such disks, lighter in weight.

Also one half of what a person plays with a table-tennis set and a cold. pig-pog.

POG is a fruit drink available in Hawaii and environs. Its name is derived from it is ingredients, Pineapple, Orange, Guava. It is delicious, and is the ultimate wake-up call first thing in the morning, served ice-cold.

The disgustingly retarded and pointless game of the same name was originally played with the circular cardboard lids from containers of this sublime beverage. The name carried over because POG was printed on all the lids.

If you ever have a chance to buy some of this stuff, do it. I don't care if you have to sell your firstborn, its worth it.
Personnel Other than Grunts. A term used by infantrymen to refer to non-infantrymen.

Also, there are varying degrees of POG. For example, someone in a straight-leg, or line unit, would consider us, in LAR(Light Armored Reconnaissance), POGs. Infantry Riflemen, or 0311s, consider, Infantry Mortarmen (0341s) and Infantry TOWgunners (0352s) POGs. I imagine Force Recon considers everyone else POGs.

Mostly a way for grunts, who have a reputation for being imbeciles, to feel superior and derisive towards non-infantrymen.

This has been my experience in the Marine Corps, I can't speak for the Army.

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