A town in the lower mainland of British Columbia, part of the corporation of Delta, which includes Ladner and points surrounding as well. Tsawwassen is very flat, and like all of Delta, is a little below sea level in spots and so surrounded by a dyke. It is strikingly lacking in cultural features other than housing a major ferry terminal and a waterslide park, Splashdown Park. It is close to the Canada/US border and borders too on Boundary Bay, Mud Bay, and the open ocean at the mouth of the Fraser river. Tsawwassen is pronounced tah-WAH-sehn, and is named for a First Nations band, the Tsawwassen band, part of whose traditional territory it largely occupies.

The word Tsawwassen means "Valley of the Sun". A legend says the town got it's name after a native american climbed over a large hill and looked down upon the valley that was in full sunlight and he exclaimed, "Tsawwassen!"

Also the present inhabitants of Tsawwassen usually just refer to it as T-town.

Also another note, this is referring to the write up above. Tsawwassen is not very flat at all, there is actually a giant hill in the middle of it, and this hill undulates. Actually Tsawwassen has many ascending and descending parts. The only flat part I can think of is where all the stores are. But when you get to the actual area where people live, there are hills everywhere.

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