Dark Clouds, Grandma & The Stone

  • I'm living in a huge house built into a cliff at the back of a small ocean inlet. My father lives there, along with my (imaginary) little sister. The house is shaped like a T, with the horizontal part attached to the cliff and the vertical part extending out over the water. I'm out on the sea with two long-haired friends of mine and we're admiring the beautiful white cloud formations billowing up far out to sea. Things start changing quickly however as the clouds begin to move in fast forward and change to a dark black-grey as they churn and roil. Up the coast a ways, they roll towards the shoreline, looking like grey frosting being applied to the ocean in a line. At the same time, the surf begins to swell and rock violently. It looks really scary and I feel the need to get back to the house as soon as possible. So I fly up into the air to get a better view then hover above my friend so I can grab his hand and lift him up too. Then he grabs my other friend's hand and I fly them back to the house. At this point I see my little sister down on the rocks below the house so I fly down and rescue her too. When I get back inside, my father questions my action of saving my friends before my sister. I explain that my friends were closer and in greater need. We're standing in the wing that extends over the water and my dad walks into his bedroom which is in the same part. Strangely, there are interior windows with blinds between two adjacent hallways.

  • I talk on the phone with my late grandmother. I know that she's not alive but it's wonderful to hear the sound of her voice again and I tell her so.

  • A dream that revolves around this large, grey stone. Impressed upon me over and over is the importance of this stone and its meaning in my life. I awaken and lie in bed for a long time trying to remember in what manner the stone had significance. But I can't penetrate the thick clouds of dream memory.