I was in a funky little underground bar (like Ally-cats in Brighton, UK - if anyone knows it) with a whole load of cool, famous people. Looking around I could see Liam Neeson, Shaun Ryder and some other Irish people in one corner. I think Richard E. Grant was also there. It was like some kind of backstage party. I was there since I had been a minor Dr Who.

This is the cool bit.

Looking around I felt really at ease, but thrilled at all these cool people everywhere -- just chilling together. I felt I could go up to anyone of them and just join in. It occurred to me that this was like a dream, it was so cool. It was only when I woke up that I realized it was a dream. Still, it left me feeling good.

% / =

  • Shopping for buttons with my aunt. I stole dental floss. We walked in the dark toward a massive camper and I told her about a friend who'd gotten married too young.
  • Mom and I getting ready to go on a long journey that had to begin at midnight
  • ice cream melting slowly in the fridge
  • My dad handed me an ocean photograph and I got freaked out because I couldn't tell which way was right side up. I started yelling and he had to soothe me. As I watched, the sea turtles came to life and started swimming around inside the photo. He agreed that that was weird.
  • Someone wanted to show me an example of the new hamster robot, but to access it, I had to pass a test online. I had to repeat a sentence in some Dutch-like language and the computer would calculate how close to the original pronunciation mine had been. I did it but it was such a pain in the ass I walked away before it finished computing.
  • I had a feeling James was going to come over, and it was a good thing I looked out the window because it gave me a few minutes to deal with the reality of seeing him come up the sidewalk. He was in a black tank top, which I didn't understand. He didn't knock at the door for ages, and I was getting very nervous but then there he was. We were understandably awkward with each other. We talked about potatoes. I was preoccupied worrying about how long the door had been unlocked. Brannon called hello from the other room. James and I talked about potatoes some more.
Two different stories alternate: in one I am having a great deal of difficulty getting my driver's license; in the other a lottery scam is being uncovered. With the drivers license, there is always something wrong so it has to be redone: my name is wrong, the license number is wrong, the license is too big. By the time I was ready to wake up, the license content was okay, but it had the form of a linoleum block about an inch thick. I looked at it and sighed.

The lottery scam was on a huge scale. It was the work of a mastermind in some California prison. Most of the people doing the legwork were convicts. Most of the victims were also convicts. The scam had generated millions of dollars, and the mastermind bought a beautiful, ornate theatre something like la Scala. I was there, but of course at some point I had to leave to do something about my license.

Taylor Creek Camp

  • It is the near future on my friend August's property deep in the forest of Siskiyou County. It's been turned into a kind of summer camp and I am the first to arrive along with August and Allen. I'm impressed by how nice our cabin is; it's just like a small house. The only strange thing is an open shower in one of the bedrooms. Allen showers first; then I get in after him. I've just begun when a small crowd of people arrive and come into the bedroom. I'm never embarassed of being naked in dreams, but I am annoyed at not being able to shower.

    These are people I went to high school with who I was never friends with and haven't seen since. They hang out for a while, smoking pot and fooling around. I try to be nice to one girl who is very depressed. I remember her name as being Shelly but I learn that it's actually Jennifer. Another friend of mine arrives and she takes my place counseling the girl. I need some air so I leave the building.

    Everyone has arrived. There are a lot of people walking up and down the main dirt road; it's like a small town. I hear someone mention that a really nice and expensive guitar is for sale. I come upon where my friend Matt Watson is staying, camped inside a fenced-in area. He introduces me to his older brother who looks exactly like Matt but is an asshole. He has two asshole friends who won't tell me their names and insist I call them both Cool. What losers, I think.

    I decide to fly above the property and check out the view. High in sky I look down and see the whole area, crowds walking in the road, kids running. I glide over near my cabin and see a blonde girl reading a book under a tree. I decide to go back to my room and swoop down to my cabin. Dream ends.

This isn't a night-dream, I can't remember what it was, having had so short sleep last night. No, I was lying on couch, semi-watching Jyrki, finnish music video show. So, I feel asleep. In a dream the people from the show came into my living room. They got a letter where someone asked for something by Pink Floyd from The Wall. They said, they don't have anything from it but how about "Wish you were here" (or something like that... don't blame me if they don't have such song; it was just a dream and I've never listened to Pink Floyd, really). So they put it on, and then started playing air-guitar. Suddenly the other turned into a baby and another into a 8-year-old girl and they assaulted me. The baby was just pulling himself up on the table with great effort when I woke up, to see that "wish you were here" or whatever it was by Pink Floyd on TV.

I believe that was RL filtering into dreams.

I was best friends with Britney Spears, and helping her out at press conferences with the media. We hugged a lot, and she was always smiling at me. She didn't wear trashy clothes when she was off the stage.

I woke up a little bit and turned over. I dreamed again, and it was of war. I was running through muddy fields with a gun, and the sky was smokey dark. There were noises around me, and I started shooting at them. Bits of flesh came out of the bushes and latched on to my skin. I woke up rubbing at my eyes like crazy.

Me and my friend were planning to take a two day vacation to New York City. Well, I was supposed to leave today(his truck brokedown, so we had to postpone the trip). Last night I had this dream that he called me and said we're leaving a day late. When I woke up, I swore the dream was actually something that happened. When I told him this, he laughed hysterically.

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