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The coffee maker was broken. It could only make coffee very slowly. It made a cup of coffee for my father - who was reading ancient MikroBitti magazines. I told him where to find potentially interesting articles.

Someone had ordered a candle, and I made the invoice. I was making the invoice with some vector art package in Linux. I had trouble aligning some columns on the invoice sheet, so I made two grids. I put the product name on the bottom grid, but the name was just a three-letters-dash-three-numbers code.

So, of course, to help people, I noded the sheet template using a fairly logical form of notation, and PostScript - and wondered if it would be cool to allow noding vector-art images.

Some TV reporter was making a program about E2, and was going to the E2 headquarters with the cameras... He talked about how the island where the EDC headquarters was dangerous and feared place, ships got lost in the night on the waters... but on the day, it looked like your normal round castle. It was daytime, and he came to the island talking about these things, cameras rolling... He talked to one woman on the beach (actor playing a mermaid), but she couldn't understand any of the languages he spoke.

Them Duke Boys are up to something, I tell you what!

Dream 1: I'm in a production of Les Miz but all the music is from Grease. So I'm dressed like Jean Valjean singing "You're the one that I want."

Dream 2: I'm a ninja assigned to assassinate Frank Sinatra. I can't do bring myself to do it and shame my temple and family rather than off old Blue Eyes. He hires me as his personal body guard. I wet myself with joy. In the dream.

Dream 3: I'm reading Walt Whitman while being operated on. Since I have my shirt off its a little creepy.
Lucid Wedding

  • Along with my dad and step-family, I'm staying in a large, up-scale house which we've rented as the site for a wedding tomorrow. I have a large room all to myself with a door to the back yard. But I'm supposed to help with all the setting up that's required before the big event tomorrow: moving furniture, hanging decorations, etc. I tire of this quickly and feel unmotivated, especially when I realize I don't know who's getting married. I go to my room and close the door, with the intention of taking a shower. As I walk towards the large bathroom, I see two figures walking across the back lawn: my friends Tish and August. They're carrying large backpacks and have apparently just returned from their four month trip to Uruguay. I greet them warmly at the back door and invite them in. They set down their stuff and we talk for a while about their trip. My dad appears and asks us to help him move an upright piano against a wall. August and I do it and then my dad starts talking to me about more preparations. I manage to break away and head back to my room for that much needed shower, locking the door behind me. When I enter the large bathroom I see Tish and August are already using the very large shower. I ask if I can join them and strip down to my birthday suit. We wash ourselves up and then grab some big fluffy towels. The complex manipulation of the towel with my hands triggers a lucid dream. I drop the towel and tell them that we're dreaming. I teach Tish the technique of looking at her hands as she wiggles her fingers. The technique serves a dual-purpose: exerting willful control over the dream reality increases lucidity; and the complex physical movement keeps one grounded in the dream body to prevent awakening.

    I've already taught August the trick and we're all wiggling our fingers as a young man in a tuxedo appears at the bathroom door. He asks us to come help again. By this time I am beyond the mundane and I raise my hand towards the man and attempt to will him into non-existence. My lucid powers are weak right now, for some reason, and he just flickers. I decide to take flight and so the three of us, still naked, run into the back yard. I fly into the air and realize a few seconds later that the other two aren't with me anymore. Perhaps they can't fly in dreams yet? Or maybe they flew off somewhere else. I have fun being pursued by men in tuxedos around the small European town we're staying in. After a while I get bored and follow a small dog back to the house. There I am greeted with the tail-end of the wedding reception and I grub some tasty food before waking up.

I have commited some sort of crime and I am being hunted. I remember being on some sort of boat and being recognized, feeling the need to flee. I remember jumping from boat to boat in an effort to escape. I am in some sort of camp ground with a lot of tents and cabins. I try to go deeper into the forest, but I end up going in circles. Eventually I find a barge transporting salt or sand and hide in the cargo. As it is unloading at it's destination I leap out and run off into the woods. I look around for a town and find out I am in Wyoming. I look for a place to hide, but all I can find are brick houses with locked doors. Eventually I find a diner and try to get some food, only to discover I have no money. I go running through the streets looking for a place to hide, they are after me. I meet Axl Rose who happens to be running from the law as well. We hide out in one of the houses he owns for a while and I try to disguise myself. I shave my head, wear glasses and grow a beard. I wear some sort of hood or hat to hide under. After a while Axl kicks me out. Everywhere I go I meet up with people I know and they recognize me through my disguise. I keep running trying not to be found.

The aquarium which formerly housed my pet snake, Ridley, was sitting where the tv is in real life, next to my bed. I was keeping rats in it, but I kept it covered, so i couldn't see inside. As time went by, I realized that the rats were multiplying at an incredible rate. Soon they filled the aquarium to the top, and started to escape through the feeding holes in the top-- the same way Ridley escaped. About this time, the aquarium started generating new life-- first turtles, then snakes, huge writhing knots of snakes. My entertainment center had become the source of all life. I caught a panther that had gotten loose in the basement. I had to drag it back into my room where it belonged. I can't imagine why this wasn't causing me problems with allergies.

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