The Essential Psychedelic Guide
by D. M. Turner

The invaluable handbook for the use of hallucinogenic substances, written by a truly modern shaman. I have obtained personal authorization from the creator of the online edition to mirror the guide here on Everything. An HTML version of the guide (with illustrations) may be found at

Table Of Contents:

Publication and Copyright Information
Foreword To The Online Edition
A Brief History Of Psychedelics

- From The Creation Of Gods To The Demise Of Psychedelic Reverence In Modern Times
Psychedelic Safety
- Understanding The Tools

I - Traditional Psychedelics

- Molecule Of Perfection
Psilocybin Mushrooms
- The Extraterrestrial Infiltration Of Earth?
Mescaline: Peyote & San Pedro Cactus
- Shamanic Sacraments

II - Empathogens

- The Heart Opening Psychedelic
- The Erotic Empathogen

III - Exotic Highs Of A Connoisseur

- Candy For The Mind
Harmala Alkaloids
- Link To The Ancient Spirits
- The Ultimate Psychedelic Journey
Multiple Combinations
- Cosmic Synergism

IV - Appendices

Further Explorations
- Where Do We Go From Here?
DMT-Water Spirit
- A Magical Link
Psychedelic Reality
- CydelikSpace

Back Cover Text

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