I was out with the family, driving in the middle of nowhere, when we stopped at some friend-of-the-family's house to say hi. She was a nice old lady, but she was dead, and the house was abandoned. Much like all stereo-typical old ladies, she had a cat or two, but because she was dead, it hadn't been fed for the last few weeks. But instead of being dead, it was just really, really thin. Macabrely so. I remember feeling horrible at that house, at the loss of the old lady, at the decay of her house (I don't, in RL, know of any old ladies that live in the middle of nowhere) so we left. As we left, the cat sort of wanted to go out. It was indecisive, though. I thought it wanted to go out, but then it didn't, so I started closing the door as I left, and it tried to dash out. But it didn't make it - it got crushed in the door...

It was as if it was made of cardboard, it just sort of crumpled in. I don't think I even heard any bones snap. And then it was dead. We drove off, leaving the house far, far behind us.

I and Perttula (not a friend, I just dont hate him that much that I wont talk to him at school) were in some bar, and he thought that he could go and get a drink from a biker gang in there. I told that I would take absolutely no responsibility if he'd get his ass kicked, but he didnt believe me and went ahead. I stood away from the events as he pushed himself in the center of the gang, put his hand on their leaders glass and asked with a childish smile "Can I have it?". I sighed as they took the glass away from him and beated the hell out of him, stuffing him behind the footlist. They turned to me and said "You'd better get your friend the hell outta here.", and I said that he was NOT my friend, but went to drag him out of there anyway. He sobbed and took my hand, but I sensed that the leader of the bikers was trying to suprise me from behind. I turned and noticed him trying to swing a towel around my head, but I ducked and his attempt of knocking me with his head failed. I punched him on his jaw and he staggered slightly, but tried to swing me back. I dodged his hit and hit him on the chest, making him stagger back against the rest of his gang. He was bleeding slightly, so I asked if he'd just leave me alone, but the rest of the gang helped his jacket off, revealing his prison tattoos. He spit blood and said that he was hardly hurt by my attempts, and attacked at me again. I hit him with right and then left fist, hitting him on the jaw and then on the cheek, but then the rest of the gang came to help him, and I had to run. I got about ten meters away from them, breaking their line enough so only one could attack me at the time, and suddenly turned to hit the first of them into his stomach. He doubled over, and I struck him on the back of his head with both hands, but right when he fell another stepped over him. I blocked his punch, but noticed that one of them was coming to me around the pool table, so I started to need extreme measures. I stepped back from the closest ones punch while pulling out scissors from my pocket, and thrusted them into his shoulder. I didnt have time to do more permanent damage, so I immediately pulled the scissors away, snapped their blades open, and threw them at the one behind the pool table. I missed slightly, and he just managed to pull his hand off before the scissors hit the table in front of him. The wounded biker tried to swing at me, but I dodged him and pinned him back against the table. I hit him once on his jaw, then hit the another biker, but he dodged so I hit the pinned down biker directly on his neck to get him away from the fight as quickly as possible. The last biker tried to hit me again, but I grabbed his hand and hit him in the chest, throwing his upper body back. He tried to hit me with his head, so I had to release his hand to avoid being hit, but while he was recovering I flailed my fist against the side of his head with a loud thud, rendering him unconscious. I was the only one left standing, and as I panted and looked around the floors, the bartender told that I'd better leave before they have to get serious. He showed me that he had a baseball bat, but since I hadnt wanted any fight anyway, I walked peacefully to the end of the pool table and pulled my scissors off it before leaving..

The bar was on the second floor, and when I got to the end of the staircase, there were a lot of angry looking people, but they stood aside because they had no right to hit me though they felt like it. Only one large man stepped towards me with his hand curled in a fist, but I knew his intentions so I quickly snapped him with my fist without stopping to wait for his revenge. On the way a large man in a cowboy hat came to me, and greeted me. I didnt know him, but I remembered him from somewhere so I said that I was just happy that someone wasnt trying to beat me up. He said that he wouldnt let that happen, but I dont remember where I went then..

Next thing I remember is that I was in the yard of my old school with some friends, while some other students practiced driving by hitting small lights with their vechiles. Some had vans and cars, but most apparent were two humongous bulldozers. Other had dual tracks on one side and it was almost height of two-floor building, and the other one was slightly smaller. The smaller one practiced close to us, and I was a bit suspicious about so large vechile moving so close to me. I had watched it for sometime, and at one point it "accidentally" didnt stop after hitting the light, so I told others to spread and jumped away from it myself as well. The bulldozer turned to ram at me again, but I dodged again and run down the very steep hill at the side of the school. I was almost at the second corner of the school when I turned to watch back, and saw the huge bulldozer rolling towards the downhill, pushing easily huge pieces of concrete off the ground as it started to slide down the hill. I didnt have time to stop, so I ran around the school, and hid behind a wooden box. I didnt know if the bulldozer had stopped, and saw my friends were looking down the hill, so I winked them to come to me. I had planned that if it wouldnt have stopped, its driver wont know I had ran around the school, but my friends ran to me so exxaggeratedly sneakily that they must have drawn everyone's attention. I mumbled "You shitfucks.." as I stepped up, noticing that for my good the bulldozer had been wrecked. I recognised the people coming out from its cockpit and wanted to go beat them, but the larger bulldozer was heading towards me already. I couldnt run down the hill because the previous bulldozer blocked the way completely, so I ran on the small edge of concrete left behind from its fall on the side of the now formed cliff, avoiding roots and fallen trees. As I got to the end of the concrete remains, I just wished the second bulldozer would fall in the same trick, and for my luck it worked. The huge machine pushed some of the remained concrete away, but its right tracks slipped and it fell side-on on the other bulldozer. I doubt anyone survived that, and the dream got a movie-like fade away..

I have had a coolest dream today. Ocassionally I get a dream based on multitude of science fiction books that I've read.

Basically we found this space ship somewhere. And we had to go (that is, leave on this space ship). Somehow my mom was the main character in the story. I however already knew what's going happen in the book, and was trying to get them to level 6 where the main activation switch was located - it would fully activate the computer and the FTL engines. I had no success in convincing them to go there. Then some people (which I knew) tried to stop us. Then finally my mom asks the computer where the main switch is and we get to level 6, which is incidentally is also the library level. My brother runs away and I have to find him, and give him shit for running away. Finally we get to switch, activate the computer. Then my father appears saying something like "Well, my lunch is almost over, gotta get back to work". And I'm thinking to myself "Heh, he doesn't know we'll be light years from here in 40 seconds".
With that I wake up.In the words of xdjio - "It was very odd".

PS: If you remember a book like this, message me. Maybe I'm just screwed eh.

It was something like 7 AM, in an old Vegas lounge. There were a few people in the seats, and I couldn't resist coming from backstage to grab the mic. I said something like "Me'n'the boys are gonna do a few numbahs for ya", but once the band started vamping, I had no idea what to do. What song is that? Could I have 'em play some song I know? Do I know any songs? The answer was "no" -- I could not think of any lyrics.

Frank swooped in from behind the stage, almost on cue, and began singing the song the band was playing, so I was off the hook for the moment. He did a couple of other numbahs, and I searched my mind for something to sing. Coming up empty, I started searching Google for song lyrics. I kept fumbling and typing the wrong URL -- "goofle.com", "google.com\", "goggle.com", "google,com", etc., finally finding their home page; Frank is well into his fifth song by now, and I'm still lost in figuring out what song to look for on Google.

I wake up to someone knocking, stand up, run down the carpeted stairs. It was a long eventful night and i haven't gotten much sleep. At the bottom of the stairs, Dennis's head appears in the window - grinning - but when i open the door there is no one there. Two people are climbing into a large SUV and i rush to jump in so i won't miss out.

Sitting in the second row of back seats, i sink into roadtrip lethargy, watching the city go by and start transforming into suburbs. As usual, i can't hear the conversation in the front seat, so my mind wanders. The landscape becomes more and more strangely abstractedly suburban, it dawns on me that 1) I don't think i know these people and 2)I don't think they realize i'm in their car.

How embarassing!

I'm not sure if i have the nerve to speak up: they've already gone too far out to turn back. And will they panic if i make myself known? Will they shoot me? The longer i'm mired in indecision, the farther i get from Portland. This part of the dream seems to go on forever.

Finally, they pull into a driveway. This is ridiculous. When the engine shuts off, i - tentatively - get their attention. Hey, hey guys? I um, accidentally, uh, got in your car? I'm, really sorry. Do you - know - how i could get home?

They are surprised and baffled, but not violent. They let me come into their kitchen for a bit. I ask if the MAX goes out this far and they laugh. "We don't take the train, kid." There's a garland of dried chiles hanging, covered with dust, and several uncomfortable chairs. The man thinks a friend of his might be able to help, so he leaves the room to find a phone number. I realize that they both have the same haircut. I am handed a long list and left alone in the sterile yuppie kitchen.

I wake up to the phone ringing. This is for real. I still have not had much sleep.

I later tell this dream to Dennis and Megan in the van. Megan says, do you feel alienated from people? I said, yeah. don't you?

Lucid Guitar Lesson

  • Falling asleep, I was more aware than usual during the hypnagogic state. I was able to watch the imagery while still being aware of them as objective images; like a lucid hypnagogic dream. This has been happening more and more recently.

  • In a small town, by the ocean, I'm attending a school in a multi-storied building. Some kind of crisis develops involving some murderous people running amok but I become lucid and discard the mundane reality surrounding me. With the practiced skill of one who is accustomed to the lucid dream state, I leap into the air and fly above the rooftops. With glee, I play gliding from steeple to balcony, buttress to clock tower. As I will my dream body through the air, I flex my powers of concentration in order to more vividly manifest the dream reality. Soon I come upon my friend, Adam, playing a classical piece on a nylon string guitar. I sit to listen and watch as he uses a two-handed finger picking technique I have never seen before. The melody he is playing is likewise unfamiliar, but simply beautiful. Still quite aware that I am dreaming and that I am listening to my own brain music, I ask Adam to teach me the tune. He hands the guitar over and teaches me the semi-complex fingerings. Being lucid with Adam brings an old memory to consciousness: I recall a very early dream from my childhood with me and Adam flying together. I've known him since I was three years old and it was one of my first flying dreams. I tell Adam about my recollection. After waking, I went to the guitar and tried, unsuccessfuly, to reproduce the lovely melody. Ah...I love it when you bring back a real gem from the collective unconscious.

  • Between sleeping and waking, I receive subconscious information regarding the I Ching.

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