I have had a coolest dream today. Ocassionally I get a dream based on multitude of science fiction books that I've read.

Basically we found this space ship somewhere. And we had to go (that is, leave on this space ship). Somehow my mom was the main character in the story. I however already knew what's going happen in the book, and was trying to get them to level 6 where the main activation switch was located - it would fully activate the computer and the FTL engines. I had no success in convincing them to go there. Then some people (which I knew) tried to stop us. Then finally my mom asks the computer where the main switch is and we get to level 6, which is incidentally is also the library level. My brother runs away and I have to find him, and give him shit for running away. Finally we get to switch, activate the computer. Then my father appears saying something like "Well, my lunch is almost over, gotta get back to work". And I'm thinking to myself "Heh, he doesn't know we'll be light years from here in 40 seconds".
With that I wake up.In the words of xdjio - "It was very odd".

PS: If you remember a book like this, message me. Maybe I'm just screwed eh.