I have cut my own hair for years and years now, about as long as I have been slowly balding. It looks terrible if I just let it grow. It takes some practice, and a hand mirror is a big help for the back. It feels good to save the $10-20 it would cost for a "professional" haircut. Last year I received a Flowbee, so I can trim it all to an even length. Today I am going for a 1/4-inch trim, which about matches my 2-week unshaven facial hair. My head will be like a big kiwi.

A haircut is the weekly/monthly/yearly process of having the hair of one's head (exluding the face) shortened or remove by use of scissors or razor blade.

I have my mother cut my hair. Of course, I would be as happy to let my hair grow, as to shave it all off, as to selectively bore tiny shaver holes into the lot. Knowing that my mother will not do anything ridiculous gives me such security in asking for the most bizarre creations; I will not receive.

The worst haircut that I can imagine having is the Klingon hairstyle, wherein one shaves the front 8cm off of the hairline, and grows a very long lock of hair down the back.

buzz cut
pixie cut
bowl cut

Update: my current (May 22, 2002) haircut is the opposite of the Klingon cut, wherein I have shaved all of my head save a tuft in the front on the top. It gives me an elfish air.

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