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Ok, you know what? This isn't working. I'm out of here. You want to talk to me, drop me a mail. I might check my /msgs. I might not. I might post, but I haven't been here in ages, so I won't make guarantees.

A job would be cool. E-mail at bgarney AT purdue DOT edu if you have one in the Portland area. I am a programmer, with a resume at Thank you.

I have a girl-shaped hole in me.

I'm a freshman at Purdue University. What more to say? I am a member of the LAWG and other things. More as news warrants.

My Hall of Resurrected Nodes:

Much more than XP, I believe that /msg's are important.

After all, a vote has only 2 bits of information associated with it - up/down, voted/not. Certainly, there's a lot to be learned from 'em, but not much more than you could probably tell yourself (especially if you've been noding for a while).

But a /msg... That has practically infinite information storage potential. Though it be stupid and impractical, you could store all of E2 in /msgs...

A /msg says that you care. You can say, "This node sucks!", or "I really like this node!", and, though they aren't a replacement for votes (not at all - they do not even overlap), I consider the /msgs much more important to a noder, because it lets said noder get accurate and unambiguous information as to other people's opinions of their nodes.

Although I may transcend XP, /msg's will always keep their significance to me.

My Nodegel
Total dishonesty: 4423.35 rep, 316091.56 hours. Average dishonesty: 15.20 rep per node, 1086.23 hours per node.
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 |                @                                              
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 |      --@OOO@OO@OOO--                                          
 |     -O@OO@@OOOOO@OOO-- @                                      
 |    -OOOOO@OOO@O@OOOOOO-                            @          
 |    O@O@O@OOOOO@@OOOOOOOO-@                                    
 |   OOOOOO@O@OOO@@OOO@OOOOO              @            O         
 |   OOOOOO@O@OO@@OOOOOOOOOOO---                    ,,,       O  
 |   OOOOOOO@@OOOOOOOO@O@@@OOO@@........O..........@..........-..
 | OOO@OOOOOOO@OO@OOOO@OOOO@OOOO-,,,      ---          @,,,      
 | OOO@OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO@OO  ,,O,,, @O-   ,,,   -   ,,,O  
0+----OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO--------OOOOO-----------O----@--> now

/me misses Mister Rogers

Find out what your child knows, has heard, or imagines. Some children may ask, "Who killed him?"
Killings are so prominent in the news that they may naturally become linked to any death.