All the functions contained in string.h, generally, which deal with manipulating variable length strings. They are part of the standard C library, and they can be real bitches to use if you are't careful. They all deal with char *'s or const char *'s.

It is critical that you make sure to allocate memory for all the strings you deal with, or you end up with memory leaks

Complete list(according to string(3)):

  • strcasecmp - case insensitive compare
  • strcat - concatenate strings
  • strchr - find last occurence of a character
  • strcmp - compare strings
  • strcoll - locale-specific string comparison
  • strcpy - copy strings (does not malloc)
  • strcspn - check for reject characters
  • strdup - duplicate a string
  • strfry - stir fry a string
  • strlen - length of a string
  • strncat - concatenate the first n bytes of strings
  • strncmp - compare first n bytes of two strings
  • strncpy - copy first n bytes of a string
  • strncasecmp - case compares first n chars
  • strpbrk - find first occurence of one of a set of characters
  • strrchr - find first occurence of a string
  • strsep - parse a delimited string
  • strspn - find length of initial acceptable characters in string
  • strstr - find substring
  • strtok - parse tokens out of a string
  • strxfrm - ???
  • rindex - find last occurence of a character
  • index - find first occurence of a character

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