God's book of poetry would contain the greatest collection of poetry ever.

It would have covers made of fine leather, from the first sacrifice. It would have pages made from clay tablets, egyptian papyrus, monastery vellum, parchment, and thinnest paper leaves, and things yet unknown.

Each piece would be written down - some in ink, plainly printed, and others flowing. Some with rods in clay, and others with printed letters. Some would be color coded, spaced, like cotton candy or oriental paintings of trees and mountains, and others would be in masses, thick and dense like stew, running off into the distance at the bottom of the page. There would be epics, with adventure and excitement, but there would also be accounts of suffering. There would be songs of praise, but there would also be moans of the tormented and oppressed. Some poems would make you feel like you were king of the world, and others would make you weep. Some would carry you to the top of the world, to fly with eagles, and others would take you to the depths of hell.

And there would be another half to the book, written on imperishable pages, containing all the poems of the spirits, of the principalities and powers of Heaven.

All would contain truth, though not every poem would be literally true. The length, and height, and breadth of human and divine experience would be contained within God's book of poetry.

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