We should start a list of all noders who fence. I shall start the list with me and those I know fence.

Someday I will re-organize by weapon or vicinity. Care you which? Want you it sooner? Frag mir!

If'n ya do fence, drop me (s_alanet) a /msg! Tell me who you are, what and where you fence, and if we'll see you at any competitions (if you're competitive), or if you just do it for fun! (Which is a Good Thing, too!)

Incidentally, there's a group called fencingnoders - go check it out! /Msg us - we're victim-hungry souls, and we like company, too. If you ask nicely, you're more than likely to be added to the list!

And if I should get something totally wrong, please tell me. Thank you for your time - here's the list:

  • Fred Bloggs (the) is a foilist at College (winchester).
  • The handy HamsterMan fences foil at Winchester College, as well! (It's in England, or so they say.)
  • Discordian says I fence at DC Fencer's Club in (well, near) Washington DC. I go to Summer Nationals and Junior Olympics and whatever other events I happen to find myself attracted to.
  • Ptomato the Fleep is a foilist at his secret enclave, the DSV Gascogne club, located in The Netherlands. It is located in the University of Twente's fencing hall. He screams for vengeance against the oppressors... Or at least, he'll be happy to fence you if you're willing to fly over. :) He can be found at various non-high-level competitions in the area, 'specially university ones.
  • The Lepidopterous Lepitor (when not in giant moth form) fences foil and epee in sunny, dry Utah.
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